End of Triton / GMC in Bunnings

News just to hand, and this is public knowledge from Bunnings staff (who are shattered btw (they don’t want to see the end of the orange tools)).

Bunnings has ceased all trading with GMC, which includes all Triton.

They really don’t know what it is going to mean – it is as of today apparently, but they are saying at this stage, that any trucks of GMC/Triton tools that arrive will be sent back.

Items currently in stock will be become depleted by normal sales, but if the previous events are anything to go by, there might be a sudden sale of all Triton and GMC tools to clear them out. I’d say it is worth watching Bunnings over the next few days / weeks to see how it develops.

Who knows the implication for Triton/GMC, but that must be a pretty huge blow.

I don’t have any more info, other than what Bunnings staff are saying, and some I’ve heard I’m not saying here as I cannot substantiate the reasons, but they were pretty critical of GMC.

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  1. thats pretty shameful of them when you see how well attended last nights event was.

    pleased to meet you again btw.


  2. Will we miss it?

    I last stood at the special orders desk in the local Green shed for 20 minutes before being served. Only to be told that I needed to ring them on Monday to speak to the lady that does the special orders. The person who got there before me had been waiting 15 minutes longer. She was really happy.

    So I’m looking forward to a smaller number of specialist stores stocking Triton & GMC. With more people like Carbatec WA who know the product and provide brilliant customer service.

    Triton GMC – bring on the website ordering for spares at least. It worked with the toys4theboys. I’ve ordered from two Australian and two US suppliers this week. No stress. Secure sites. They usually surprise me with the order arriving so quickly. Instead of 2 – 3 months at the green shed to find out that they still have not come in or the person you need to speak to won’t be in till next Monday. And what I save in Fuel and time more that outweighs the freight charge.

    Prize for best service ordering over the web from me goes to Roger and Jenny Gifkins (www.gifkins,com.au). Order acknowledged and advised of despatched within a couple of hours of being placed.

    So, will I miss Triton & GMC being in Bunnings …. I don’t think so.

    Just won’t be visiting Bunnings. And will be selling my Wesfarmers shares (ex Coles) to spend at ….. mmm? Not bunnings.

    PS. I have also told friends and family that I no longer want Bunnings gift vouchers.

  3. I live in Qld and from what I see at my local bunnings they are still stocking GMC/ triton. They have reduced their range on GMC however, but increased their ryobi range by the looks. p.s I’ll be happy with bunnings gift vouchers for fathers day

  4. I’ve recently visited our local store and they still have lots of GMC, they may be depleting it down but it’s still in stock for now…

  5. Stu

    Great to meet you recently at the Melbourne woodwork show. I asked you then about purchasing the Triton 12” bandsaw and I was going to puchase it from Bunnings as I had enough vouchers (received as presents) to cover the cost. Took up on your advice and ordered one last Friday through Bunnings seeing that it was a free purchase to me. Arrived today (7Nov08) however it had been left out in the rain soaking the packaging. I have requested a second unit be ordered and now am waiting for it to arrive. Anyway here it is in November and they are still placing orders through their special orders desk for Triton products and are receiving the same.

  6. Yup – Triton is back in Bunnings, and you can still (through a recently renegotiated scheme) order GMC spares through the Special Orders desk.

  7. Hey,
    Firstly GMC pulled out from bunnings because their reps wern’t happy with the way bunnings had been stocking their GMC products. Triton was pulled out aswell as they are incorperated with GMC, same company, different name.
    All the left over GMC stock are being pulled forward so bunnings can get rid of all the stock. Triton is coming back. And YES ryobi is taking over almost everything. Soo much ryobi stock all over the place. Their practicly replacing all GMC products. Example: The GMC tool bag that was sold for $12.. Ryobi made a very simliar bag to replace it and was selling for $12 aswell.
    Hope that was helpful!

  8. Interesting point-of-view about who initiated what, but as I understand it (and have pretty good grounds to believe its authenticity), it was initiated by Bunnings, and not GMC. I was working the coalface as it happened.

    For GMC to voluntarily pull out of Bunnings would have been tantamount to corporate suicide, and given that GMC is now in receivership a scant 3 months after that gives plenty of weight to that perspective.

  9. […] This would be the first time that any of the box warehouses has had this particular item in stock for a very long time – perhaps as far back as when Bunnings refused to stock any more GMC products (which included Triton), back in August 2008. […]

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