A Few Quick Photos of Triton 184mm Circular Saw

Photo 4 -5 New model on left, old model on right

With all 3 “A Few Quick Photos of….”, an actual review will be done shortly.  Photos provided because I was being accused of hogging all the tool porn 🙂

A Few Quick Photos of GMC Unlimited Rebate Planer

Photo 1 & 2 Unlimited Rebate Planer

Photo 3 With guard fully retracted as it would be for a deep rebate

Photo 4 Closeup of cutter drum

Photo 5 Underside

Photo 6 Accessories, including spare drive belt, blades, fence

Photo 7 Optional sanding drum (this is one of the actual prototypes FWIW)

A Few Quick Photos of GMC Full Width Planer

Photo 1 & 2 – Planer, with coke can to give idea of scale.

Photo 3 – The accessories that are also provided – replacement brushes, drive belt, fence etc

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