Fox Chapel Publishing

Strange, but I’m not sure if I’ve ever mentioned one of my favourite (overseas) suppliers of books: Fox Chapel Publishing.

Fox Chapel Publishing

Fox Chapel Publishing

So to correct that now: I have, on a number of occasions bought books directly from Fox Chapel, often titles that were not available in Australia.

One day, I’m hoping to write a book or two of my own, and it might just be under their logo that it gets published.  Who knows – I keep making it a New Year’s resolution, and every year I don’t manage to stick to it.  One day…….

Router Bit Quiz

While on the topic of quiz results, one of my other readers gave me a link to a router bit quiz, so while you are in the mood, it is also worth a go (but be ready for the American router bit terminology 😉 )

Router Bit Champion
Router Bit Champion

Cheapskate Woodworker Quiz

After my recent mention about a lack of woodworking quizzes, I was sent this link by the editor of

The result: let’s just say that anyone who saw my previous shed (and corners of the current one) will not be surprised by the result!

“Are You a Cheapskate Woodworker?”
My Result
Cheapskate Woodworker
WOW! You are a genius of saving money! Stories of your cheapness are legend within the woodworking community, and probably to your family and friends as well. You always win the “one-up” conversations about who’s the cheapest. Your passion for pinching pennies could infringe on your personal safety – and your time. Is it worth spending 2 hours to save 50 cents worth of nails? Remember – share your cheapskate tips in your favorite forum. After we get a good chuckle we will probably start using your tips 😉
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