Toy Blocks

Been making some wooden blocks for my girl – absolutely refused to buy any!

Very easy to do, but still is surprising that it actually takes a little thought. I made some prototypes to get dimensions worked out, particularly the triangles. Decided all the edges needed breaking, so used a (very) small radius roundover bit.

Toy Blocks

Start of the pile of approximately 80 pieces. I still have some arches to make.

The squares are pretty easy, especially when using the Miter Express. The rectangles are double the size, and instead of trying to measure them, I used a trick I learned from using the Triton Router table, and the microadjusters.

Repositioning MagSquare Stop

Ok, not too clear what is happening here. The large MagSquare is locked to the table as the stop for producing accurate, repeatable cubes. I then wanted to move the large MagSquare twice as far away from the line of the blade. Instead of measuring it, I used one of the already cut cubes as a spacer, then a second MagSquare on the other side of it. This is locked to the table, then the block removed. The large MagSwitch is then moved up flush against the small MagSquare, and locked down, now double the distance from the blade. The small MagSquare is then superfluous.

Neat Piles of Wooden Blocks

Other than the arch pieces, this is the pile of blocks made.

Wooden Blocks Post Baby

They didn’t last long!

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