Fading in and out

What happens when you post when deliriously tired…..
Scheppach 380 Toolrest

Scheppach 380 Toolrest

Here you can see just how fast you can get the Brisbane show done! (Wow – I should not write posts while deliriously tired- I must have actually been hallucinating when I wrote that)

What I meant to say is: Here you can see just how close you can get the portion of the jig that actually holds the blade to the grinding stone. It doesn’t appear to be close enough to take those tiny planer blades from something like a handheld power planer, but it would easily cope with something like the blade from a Triton thicknesser.

Scheppach 380 Tools

Scheppach 380 Tools

Here you can see a 380 completing the job well befor you get home…..Nevertheless, this is a very smooth glue.

(Holy ???? I wish I had been drinking to justify actually writing that! I’ve not deleted these and corrected them, because it is funny to see just how out of it I got just from falling asleep while writing!)

I have no idea what I was trying to say.  What I should have said was:  Here you can see the jig being used to hold a standard chisel.  It can’t cope with one that is particularly thick, I could get away with this one for example.  I am going to be interested in finding out just what else can fit this jig!

Another cheap bandsaw

Was in Carbatec today for a brief visit, and saw a Scheppach Basato 3 in the entrance on sale.

Scheppach Basato 3

Scheppach Basato 3

Hare and Forbes currently have them listed at $689, so it was surprising to see this one (and there is only one) listed for $299.  It is brand new, and still even has the protective covering on the table.

It is missing the upper blade guides, so that will have to be factored in, but even so, given this is about a $690 bandsaw, even with the cost of replacement guides it is still a good price.

This is identical to the Triton 12″ (other than colour of course!) fwiw.

Incra Meeting This Saturday

The get-together of Incra owners (and potential owners) is happening this Saturday at 1pm at the Woodworking Warehouse in Braeside (Melbourne).  It is after their normal trading hours, so they are opening again specifically so we can meet there.

Catering is being arranged by Professional Woodworkers Supplies, (as is seating), so if you are thinking of coming, please let me know so we can get a general idea of numbers.

It will run from 1pm to approximately 3pm, although if you arrive a little early, you are more likely to get something to eat/drink!

It is an excellent opportunity to meet up with fellow Incra owners, share ideas, see some demos etc.

I should be in retail!

The number of emails I get from people asking me to quote for sheds, tools etc is quite surprising, and I don’t even advertise!

Of course when I try to reply to these people, their email addresses are suspiciously wrong…..

I cannot work out if these are legitimate requests, or just more phishing attempts.

As my gentle readers (to quote Stephen King) will well know, I don’t advertise on this site (although I reserve the right to change my mind on this in the future) – I don’t use Google Ads or other “click through” methods to generate income.  I do list companies that support the site and its concept through tool reviews, so I can’t claim complete purity, but as I see it, that benefits everyone.


Tried testing a dado blade (just briefly) on the weekend, as I’d never used one, and still haven’t actually.

The budget (economy?) set from Carbatec that they have included for the battle of the dado blades have chipper blades that are solid disks, and once you add a few together, the entire group becomes a massive chunk of steel (like a large flywheel), and requires so much starting torque that my (underpowered) power supply trips out before the saw can come up to speed.

If I had a good (and a full 10A) power supply for the saw I’m sure it wouldn’t be a problem, but I don’t, so it is.

The saw itself is 3HP, so it has plenty of guts to run such a set (if I could give it all the electricity it needs), but I seriously wonder if less powerful saws (such as the Jet Supersaw (1.75HP)) could even use the economy set?

Remember too, that this is just getting the dado set up to speed, and does not involve actually cutting timber (hard or soft).

Melbourne Working with Wood Show

24 – 26 October.  At the Melbourne Showgrounds – please note the change in location from previous years!

(I was going to leave this stuck to the top, but I got bored seeing it there!)

Short Weekend

Some weekends there really isn’t time for anything it seems, and if you get even 30 minutes, that is a real bonus!

Tried out the welder, and an automatic welding mask that I picked up (ok, it came from Bunnings).  All seemed to work ok – ran a weld bead all of about 1″ long before my power supply tripped, but that was a. expected, and b. worked for longer than I creditied that it would.  Bought back old memories, not the least the smell – awesome! (Now you know I’m weird!!)

Finally took the opportunity to cut a channel in the old concrete path, which has been letting (a small) amount of water under part of the shed wall.  First with the angle grinder and a diamond blade, which worked surprisingly well.  The grinder was very hot by the end of it (2 cuts, 25mm deep (but done in multiple passes), about 1m long).  Don’t think it has ever worked so hard.  Perhaps it was all the concrete dust it had to breathe.  Gave it a good blowout with the air compressor afterwards.  The cutter did well though (one of those cheap $10 diamond things)

Next, I chipped out the concrete between the 2 cuts to form the channel, and again the air compressor came to the fore.  That, and a pneumatic hammer connection I got as part of a basic pneumatic tool kit.  So hopefully it is enough – will know the next time it rains (heavily).  So probably some time July 2027.

Next job is to install the guttering which I picked up today, and my list of tasks for the shed upgrade will be finally getting short.

Bigg Lugg

One of the tools I got from VEK Tools recently has already been proving its value.

The Bigg Lugg

Bigg Lugg

Bigg Lugg

works really well.  I was needing to do some nailing up a ladder this evening (up and down up and down, rinse and repeat) using my air gun, and it was great being able to hang it on the belt while I was sorting out the bird netting, then use it and return it to the hook.

In all honesty, it proved a really useful tool (I sound like the Fat Controller from Thomas the Tank Engine – you are a “Really Useful Engine”)


I occasionally get emails similar to the one below, in a veiled phishing / scam attempt.

Dear Owner/Sales Manager,

My name is Mr Mark  Vam with the  mark & Company Inc And i am sending this email to your business in regards to the order for some SHED and the Sizes that i am looking for are :16 x 10 Apex SHED and please can you send me an email reply back with the price of  each that plus  tax without shipping And also i will like to know the Types of Credit card you do Accept for the Payment And i will be Looking forward to hear back from you so that we can proceed with the Order / Payment / Pick Up And delivery Details….And i want your contact name and Phone number so that i will go ahead and call you to proceed.Kind Regards…..
Mr Mark Vam

Glad I’m not actually in business trying to distinguish between genuine enquiries and attempts to defraud me.

Working with Wood Show

The Melbourne Working with Wood Show is rapidly approaching (where did the year go????)

This year, it has moved to the Melbourne Show Grounds, so will be very interesting to see how that works out.

I’ve been looking at the plans of the site, and I’m a little perplexed by it all – there seems to be an awful lot of timber selling planned – 50% of the layout is dedicated to them.  Do people only buy timber once a year?

Also too, I can’t figure out who the exhibitors are – the exhibitor list is still for 2007, despite the show being less than a month away.  So I check out Adelaide’s one (in a couple of weeks), and that only shows the 2007 list of exhibitors as well.

So I’ll have to get back to you when I have more info (hopefully before the show starts!)

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