Gettin’ Dusty ’round ‘ere

Taking the breadboard test, I then redrew the circuit, taking into account that a couple of new switches I’ve bought have lights, and now are separate push-button momentary switches (rather nice ones actually).  The switches can either be used push to create the circuit, or push to break the circuit.  In this case I wanted the former, but I will be looking at using these switches elsewhere now I’ve discovered them!

Wiring, Soldering, Shrinking

Bit of a spaghetti junction, but when following a plan, and sticking to a colour code it was pretty straight forward.  I used black and white for 12V DC, red and yellow leading to the actuator.  I chose 4 core wire to go between the dusty and the on/off switch point (with about 6m between the two).  4 core wire allowed me to place the power supply with the actuator, rather than with the switches.  Simple reason is neatness – there was already going to be a large box containing the actuator, which can also fit the transformer.

Actuator End

The next job will be to work out how to actually get the push-pull to trigger the start & stop buttons.  I have a very good idea of how to achieve it, now just have to actually fabricate it.

Controller Box

Got these boxes to mount the circuit in – think they look the part, and although it doesn’t show up well in the photo, the red and green are illuminated.

I can imagine a full array of these switches, allowing at the push of the button for the whole dust system to realign itself to whatever tool you are about to use.  Maybe one day!

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  1. Great idea! Can wait to see this in action.

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