Updated currently installed iPhone Apps

While commissioning my new iPhone4, and with the OS4 ability to group applications into folders, I had a chance to again review what woodworking applications I choose to have installed on my device.

My latest addition is the Woodshop app: a joint venture that The Wood Whisperer has been involved with.

I guess we are still a pretty exclusive market, but with the number of iPhone apps out there, I would have hoped for a better range of them by now.

If you come across any others (that are any good), definitely let me know!

Otherwise the main contribution the iPhone will make to the genre is the ever-increasingly rich content from woodworking podcasters out there.


Completely coincidentally, the very day I decided to have another look at the (limited) range of woodworking based iPhone applications still out there, I had an email from AmbiCalc about their free online calculator tool.  Looked kind of promising, especially some of the attached calculator functions (which I’ve included in a slideshow below – screen shots from their calculator tool)  You access these extra calculators by clicking the wooden “box” button on the calculator itself.

They have some info about how to get it onto your iPhone in its current form (as a web page), but I am more interested in their next development when it becomes available: as a full iPhone application.

From some info they sent through:

It works in any browser and we also offer an offline version for iPhone. Working on an App store version at the moment.

AmbiCalc features:
– you can mix metric/imperial calculations e.g. 1 inch + 2 mm
– it will calculate offsets for making router templates. And if you have an imperial cutter and a metric guide bush it deals with that as above
– calculates cabinet parts dimensions
– diagonal calculator to make sure boards/drawers etc are square
– includes a cubic foot/metre solid wood calculation

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