Layout Schematic

With advanced shed-imaging software (Grizzly’s Shop Planner), and industry standard photo editing suite (Photoshop), I’ve been able to mock up a bit of an indication of the shed’s dust system layout, creating during some motivational programming (watching Top Gear).

Some brief explanations.

1. The dog in the corner is not a real shop dog, but it is occupying the leather Lazy Boy.

2. The Drum Sander is perched on top of the Thicknesser, in front of a representation of my wood store.

3. The dotted dust line leading across the TWC indicates it is actually underneath, leading to my downdraught section.

4. There are 2 bandsaws.

5. There is no dusty represented – it is housed in the shed at the right.

6. There is no fridge the shape of a beer can.  Yet.

7. The shed is 8m x 4m (24′ x 12′)

8. It isn’t quite as clean as it appears here.

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