Pocket Screwdriver

I’m sure many of us have been there- needing to turn a screw when no where near your toolbox (or shed), or wanting the width of the screwdriver blade to more closely match the width of the slot.

Wasn’t that long ago that I tried the thumbnail trick -can’t even remember what on, and found a large piece of nail almost surgically sliced, and the screw having not moved at all.

So do you try a coin, work your ways through your keys? Or use the “Pocket Screwdriver” from Veritas.

Looking very much like a washer, the thickness of the “washer” increases all the way around the circumference, so you can easily get the driver to accurately fit the slot.

Being washer shaped (and as durable), it makes sense mounting it on a set of keys- means you always have it on hand.

It doesn’t get as thin as I’d like, but I could always grind on down I suppose.
The thickness ramps from 0.8mm to 2.3mm

At around $1.20/ unit (they come in a pack of 10) they are cheap enough to hand around to anyone you like!

Or seed them around your workshop on a bunch of nails, so you always have one close by.

Just happen to be brilliant for cap iron screws on handplanes…..

Available from Carbatec

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