Divide and Conquer

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It is an interesting tool.

Capable of performing a function that would normally require a tape measure, calculator, and a number of measurements and marks to achieve.

Yet can do so without a single calculation, and in one step, not many.

So what can this tool do?

Take a board of a wide variety of widths, and divide it evenly across the width into anywhere between two and six parts, without having to actually measure the board width once.



 This is the Point.2.Point, available from Professional Woodworkers Supplies.  Simple concept, simply executed.

3 Responses

  1. How about a link?

  2. Here’s a trick my Japanese woodworking teacher taught me: You can do this with a straight ruler, without measuring the actual width of the board, by holding the ruler diagonally until the indicated distance is an even multiple of the number of parts you want. For instance, to get seven equal parts, adjust the angle until the ruler measures 42cm, then put a mark every 6cm.

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