How’s it hangin?

The ol’ router table that is?

Ever lusted over a router lift, being able to precisely dial in a router bit height, make a pass, and need a 0.1mm adjustment to make it perfect?  That is what a router lift can give you.

Sure they are not cheap, but then the router table is one of the main workshop tools, and if you are prepared to put some bling into some of the other tools (tablesaw, bandsaw etc), then perhaps consider giving the router table some love.

I am coming from the other side of the decision, having had a router lift and the Incra fence for a number of years.  I’ve always enjoyed the accuracy, and it comes as second nature these days.  Guess it has improved my woodworking, but that isn’t actually why I have it. (Probably should be!!) I just like being able to use good gear when I am pottering around.

We did think the day of the router lift in Australia was numbered, when the Woodpeckers Router Lift ceased manufacture. The Router Lift was specifically designed for plunge routers, which are just not popular in the USA for some reason.

However, that is not the only form of the router lift that is out there, and the American version, the Precision Router Lift Version 2 (or shortened to PRL V2) is now available here.

This has some cool features that my router lift doesn’t have.  Such as a spring loaded plunge handle to quickly set the height close to what is desired, without winding and winding.  The other, and this is even more interesting, is it has a built-in large diameter knurled wheel to dial in the precise height (it is bright red in the photo, so hard to miss!)

This lift cannot fit a plunge router, but then having a plunge router under a lift is a bit of a waste anyway. I haven’t taken my plunge router out of the table for years.  Probably so full of sawdust now, it may not be able to plunge properly anyway.

So what do you use instead?

Well the PRL V2 from Professional Woodworkers Supplies comes with an 1800W 1/2″ (and 1/4″) fixed base router. So that takes care of that problem!

It may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but if you are looking for a kick-ass router table, having a router lift with such accurate adjustment, it will certainly have appeal to some.  Given my Triton is struggling (age catching up with it), this is a rather tempting option, and solves one of the final issues with my current setup – how to do through-table bit changes, without having to adjust both the router lift, and the Triton router.  Something I’ve put up with for the overall benefit of the lift.  Guess I really like the look of that red dial!


Sorry things have been so quiet around here of late.

I’ve been off on an intensive management course, followed by a trip to the Central Coast, all of which have completely monopolised my time.

Everything else has had to take a backseat role, which notably has included the blog, much to my regret.

Sometimes trying to balance the demands of woodworking , and work, just doesn’t always, well, work.  I am working on it, as you wood expect.


This is not a drill


Woodworking Warehouse Revamp

Quite an impressive reno appears to have happened down at the Woodworking Warehouse.

I haven’t seen it in person (yet), but tempted to drop down and have a gander after seeing these photos on Facebook.



Timbecon has opened in Melbourne

Timbecon Website article.

A new store, in North Coburg apparently opened on Monday, and their first sale is this Saturday from 9-1 for everything instore (excluding some Triton, although I couldn’t find any on their website anyway).


Don’t know a great deal about Timbecon (them normally being in Western Australia) other than seeing them at the occasional wood store (and having a lot of rather bright orange machines)!

A China Woodworking Story that is Barely Believable… – John’s Blog

A China Woodworking Story that is Barely Believable… – John’s Blog.

An awesome little story from John (Bridge City Tool Works) about a recent trip to China, where he found himself teaching the Chinese how to make chopsticks.


Episode 115 – background

There’s been a huge amount of work producing the latest episode.

Multiple cameras (6!!), mics, lights, and a huge number of edits to produce the final show.  A couple of weeks of shooting and editing, rather than my normal “shoot one day, edit the next”

While it is not perfect (at least I can see all the faults, like anyone can with their own project, be that a video, or something they’ve made in the shed), hope you like it!

Been a big reason for the lack of posts in the last couple of weeks.  Glad it is finished!!

Episode 115 Here be Dragons CNC

Design from

The Shed Mag


Latest issue out now.  Featuring my weather station project.


Video Edit

Currently in the process of editing the latest video, which is about all the different materials that can be routed on the Torque CNC, with the Toolstoday Master Collection of router bits.

Currently have 2 hours of video, shot on 6 devices simultaneously.  And about another 1 – 2 hours of recording to go.  By the time I’m finished, I will have had to edit 24 hours of raw footage into the final video.  No wonder it is taking some time!!

And for a completely random bit of information, the Stu’s Shed twitter feed has just passed 1000 followers.  Not a lot in the scheme of things, but still a cool waypoint from my perspective.

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