Perhaps this is the myth that Adam Savage could have busted during his “Tested” video – Chris actually pondering the use of nails!

Lost Art Press


When I build stuff, my first joint of choice is the dovetail. It’s hard to beat or defeat.

But lately I’ve been pondering a common situation where a nail would be a better substitute for the much-lauded tail. It’s a bit of a trick to explain, but I am willing to try.

When you make sliding tills in a tool chest, they are difficult to fit because they are incredibly long (mine are about 36”) and not so wide (mine are about 8”). Because they are this peculiar shape, they have to be fit precisely and tightly so they do not rack inside the tool chest.

If they are even slightly loose, they will rack and bind. And you will then make bad words come out of your lip hole.

So you fit them precisely with a hand plane. It is not hard to do. The world smiles upon your…

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