Shed Gremlins

I have been carefully studying these elusive creatures, although as always they are only ever seen slipping into the shadows out of the corner of your eye.

It is their antics which are a dead give-away when you have an infestation.  Tools disappear in plain sight (and just when you have given up completely, the gremlins slip the tool back just where you have looked 3 times already!).  The gremlins are particularly attracted to safety equipment, but are not restrictive – taking squares, pencils, and pretty much anything small, or large.  They really love taking pieces of timber you have just cut and hiding them in your offcut or scrap pile, so you use it as a test piece and then discover you have just hacked into part of the project.

Normal gremlins may come from feeding Mogwai after midnight, but Shed Gremlins need no encouragement.   So long as they have their favourite environment – chaos and mess.  You have to particularly careful as they find sawdust an aphrodisiac, so the more there is spread around the shop, the more likely you will have a full hoard of Shed Gremlins.

This has been a community safety message from Stu’s Shed.

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