Storage Wars

It is proving a very busy end to a very busy year.  Turns out, preparing to move involves a lot of work (not unexpectedly).  Sorry if I’ve been a bit quiet here – been packing.

We’ve been moving things as they are packed into a storage unit (and thus the title of the post for those unfamiliar with the A&E channel on Foxtel).  Like a shed, just neater (and more costly per square metre in the long term).

In the meantime, I have also been planning the layout of the new house – scale drawings, and it is really looking like my original concept of using the double garage as a shed for a while until I sort the shed out, is not going to be the most practical option.  Based on that, I will need to solve the shed (or lack thereof) issue as quickly as possible.  It will definitely be interesting to then layout a new shed, and I’d love to get right into it, but at this stage I don’t even know what shape, or area the shed will have.  That may sound strange – sheds are normally rectangular, rectangular or….rectangular (yes, some are square, but that is a subset of rectangular).  The area on the new block where the shed will go is triangular, so either the shed will mimic the block shape, or will be made up of a combination of increasing sizes of rectangular sheds joined together.  Definitely will be talking to some suppliers to see what may be possible.

I finally found a few minutes to open the boxes of Nova accessories that arrived just before Xmas – a grinder that attaches to (and is powered by) the Nova Comet II lathe, and a Titan chuck.  The grinder attachment is pretty cool, whereas the Titan is simply awesome.  It makes the PowerJaws look, well, like the 50mm jaws that come with other chucks!

We’ll be having a look at that shortly, as well as a dado blade from Amana Tool /

Busy start of 2013 coming, but I will be endeavouring (as in not promising!) to get back to the ideal of a post/day.  Need some more videos as well!

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