Episode 10 Triton Spindle Sander

Episode 10 Triton Spindle Sander

Another horse out of the Triton Stables, the Spindle Sander is an excellent addition for the workshop. Taking spindle sizes from 13mm (1/2 inch) to 76mm (3 inch) all those difficult sanding projects can now be easily performed and is an excellent complement to the belt and disk sander.

The sander has a cast iron top, dust port for the all-important dust collection, and onboard storage for all the different sized spindles, and associated surrounds.

Apologies for some sound and lighting issues with this episode – the technical issues have since been resolved (one shorting/dying new battery caused a lot of grief until it was discovered and replaced).

3 Responses

  1. Hi Stu ….

    just a few questions following on from your podcast. Great to see the product in action by the way …. just a few quick questions which were not covered.

    1. Any indication of cost / availability of the replacement sandpaper sleeves?

    2. Are the sleeves generic with other brands or Triton specials? Its great if rough costings could be provided during a review (just as you did with the price of the unit in this podcast).

    3. Can the oscillation action be stopped? I know it sounds like a stupid question however when doing bandsaw boxes you often end up with a form that looks like an empty can. If the oscillations are on then there is the possibility that the spindle may keep moving up and banging against the back of the box (bottom of can). Hope this is clear.

    4. I assume that the washer on top of the spindle can be replaced with one smaller than the smallest spindle size. As in the example above it is often necessary to introduce the work from the top of the spindle, not the side. Obviously with an overhanging washer it would make a mess of the work.

    5. Is there any speed control?

    Ok I think that is all for now ….. keep up the good work …. Stinky!

  2. G’day Stinky,

    To knock each question off:

    1. Cost $10 for a set of 6 (and there is a choice of 2 or 3 different grits). Availability- probably only by Special Order- disappointingly I can’t imagine they will be on the shelves, as much as they should be. I might be wrong – hope I am.

    2. I think generic – the sizes are not anything special, so if you can get another brand with the same size (eg 3″) then no reason why it won’t fit. Not sure why I didn’t mention it in the video – probably ’cause it is totally unscripted, and I forget things that should be included!

    3. I don’t think they can be stopped (but I’m not 100% sure – something in the back of my mind about it, but I can’t find the manual to check. Will update this if I find that it is possible.) Only thing I can think in that situation is to support the box on something to use the top portion of the spindle, so at the peak of stroke it is just reaching the bottom of the box.

    4. There are 2 washers supplied, just for that reason. I used the washer overhanging, but only because the overhang wasn’t getting in my way. No reason why you can’t substitute different washers.

    5. No speed control. Wonder if one of those aftermarket ones would work. Guess in part it comes down to the grit chosen, and the amount of pressure applied to compensate for the lack of speed control.

    • I calcualted the speeds: 1 meter per second bandspeed per 1/2 inch spindle diameter. i. e. smallest = 1 mps. up to 5 mps. 2 1/2″ drum is omitted. Largest drum = 8mps. The span 1:8 is too big for optimal speed. If you would work metal, the 1/2″ drum (= spindle) should rotate at about 40.000 rpm. The 3″ drum should rotate at about 6.000 rpm.
      For wood, lower speeds prevent clogging, but 2000 rpm is too little for the smaller spindles.

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