New Triton Woodworking Course

I’ve been in discussion with the Holmesglen Institute of Tafe Short Courses over the past few months, and we have introduced a new course for those interested in learning some cabinetry skills.

It is another weekend course (currently) called: Cabinetry on the Triton Series. The first will run on the 20th October 07.

So the three courses now available are:

Triton Woodworking – Introduction Next course is 27 October
Triton Woodworking – Advanced
Next course is 10 November
Triton Woodworking – Cabinetry
Next Course is 20 October

(I’m thinking of changing the advanced course to Triton Woodworking – Box Making fwiw)

The courses are kept short – each takes 1 weekend, which keeps the cost to the attendees down, and isn’t so difficult to commit to a single weekend, rather than a series of evenings or similar.

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