Upcoming articles etc

Sadly, I know I have been a bit slack in posting the last few days, but I have a good excuse: along with the frantic lifestyle that having a 7 month-old entails, I have been working in arranging some interesting new content that you can expect to see in upcoming weeks. So to give you a peek at some of what to expect:

I am in process of producing a video podcast about the new Triton Spindle Sander, hopefully due in the next week or so. I think we are going to get to have a good play with one of the new Triton bandsaws too, in the not too distant future! 😀

Terry Gordon of HNT Gordon & Co Plane Makers is kindly letting me have a couple of his plane blades so I can demonstrate some of the myriad of sharpening techniques that are out there. I will be looking at the “Scary Sharp” system, Japanese waterstones, using the Triton wetstone sharpener, and possibly diamond plates, if I can source some in time.

Preparing raw stock – from rough sawn (and resawn timber) through to square and true stock, ready for your project at hand. It will include using handtools (including some of the HNT Gordon range of handplanes), as well as the modern duo of the planer & thicknesser (or jointer & planer, if that is the terminology you prefer)

Another very exciting development, is that Carb-i-tool are interested in having some of their massive range of router bits highlighted, which is going to be very cool. Some of these I only have an inkling about how they are used, and what to expect from these bits, so I’m really looking forward to learning more about them myself.

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