Modified the comments options

Had some useful feedback that it was very difficult to leave feedback (had to have a account).  Cutting a long story short, it motivated me to do a bit of searching and I found that I could deactivate that requirement.

You still need to enter a name and email address (trying to keep spamming down), but hopefully it will make commenting a bit easier.  I will keep reviewing the situation, and slowly we will fine-tune this to a lean mean blogging machine (yeah, ok, lame).

Rail and Stile Router Bits

Had a chance today to try out the stacked rail & stile router bit that Carb-i-tool have kindly sent me for a new “router bit of-the-month” segment. In the past, I have always used a matched pair set of bits, but I have quickly become a convert to the stacked set version. With the simplest of jigs, it is a piece of cake to go between routing the main profile, to routing the ends of the rails, and back again. The router must be table-mounted, which is my preferred way to use this tool anyway, and this bit does a great job. Very impressed.

Video review will be available (hopefully) at the end of September, along with a corresponding raised panel bit.

BTW, the router bit for this month is a wheel-making bit – great for children’s toys. Should be available (all things being equal) by the end of the week, or beginning of next week at the latest.

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