Blade Review

The blade images below link to the actual review of each blade. I’ve done it this way as each review is pretty graphic intensive. Below the list of blades there is also a list of each cut, which again will take you to the related page where you can compare the results of each blade doing the same cut side-by-side.

There is also a table linked from there for side-by-side comparisons of the blade dimensions, summary features etc.

I will append to these documents as more information (and potentially as new blades) becomes available.

In general, the approach I have taken is not to scientifically analyse each blade to death, but to approach it as any woodworker will do – some measurements are fine, but in the end we care about one thing – how does it cut? Even how fast it cuts is less relevant – we are not working in a production environment, so if it cuts 20% slower than another – it doesn’t matter so long as the finish is better. If you want a fast cut, go for an aggressive blade. If you want a fine finish, get one with more teeth and slow down.

There are plenty of other reviews of blades out there. I hope that you find this one to have that point of difference: the focus on the end-users’ experiences.

from Carbatec

290.250.24M 24T Rip $47
285.048.10M 48T Combo $64
285.080.10M 80T Cross $97
271.250.43M 42T Combo
thin kerf

from Woodworking Warehouse

LP20M 25 24T Rip $69
LP30M 25 40T Combo $88
LP60M 001 80T Cross $140
LU2B 0700 60T Cross $110


100T 100T Cross $N/A

from Woodworking Warehouse

320 ATB 24T Rip $85
336 4+1 50T Combo $115
360 ATB 100T Cross $148

Northwood Premium
from Northwood Tool Company

ZH-1024 24T Rip $29

The current batch of this blade
have been withdrawn, due in part
to the results of this review
ZH-1080 80T Cross $33

The Tests: Side-by-Side

Click Here for Table of Measurements

KD Hardwood Rip
Treated Pine Rip
Softwood (Pine) Rip
KD Hardwood Crosscut
Treated Pine Crosscut
Softwood (Pine) Crosscut

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