Needing Triton Spares?

I haven’t vetted these guys myself, but I’ve heard that a few people have been successful in obtaining spares for their Triton gear, particularly routers.

They are in the UK – The Woodworking Centre.

That Australians now have to import spares for their Triton power tools from 1/2 the world away is a really crappy situation (I’d actually rather say something a lot stronger than that), but at least the spares are available at all.

No criticism of The Woodworking Centre intended in that – at least they have the spares available.

How the situation got this bad I really don’t know. Sad.

The Woodworking Centre also has a good collection of Triton Manuals, Spares Diagrams etc. One of the last online sources of this information left.

15 Responses

  1. Assuming the Triton range is now manufactured by Diver Industries, how did they end up only being available in the UK?

  2. In the Dec/Jan issue of ‘The Shed’ Carba-tec (NZ) announce that they are the NZ distributors for Triton power tools. They say that they have or will have in the near future stocks of most Triton tools.They do have the routers,wetstone grinder and the workcenter 2000 in stock.
    They should be able to source spares also as they are the distributors.

  3. Thanks for the info. Do they have a web/email address that you can provide for all Triton users?

  4. Hi Guys,

    Triton is a crazy situation at the moment but is slowly getting sorted. I also have all the spares , manuals etc. available from my web and have been sending parts out to you in Aussie land. Need any help let me know cos, i still have spares for the old MK111 version.

    • Hi chasing a saw guard for the triton 2000 series. Only need the plasticpart as it was broken when i moved.

    • Hi Dennis, I see from your comments you had parts for the Mark 3 workbench in January 2010. Don’t know if you can assist but I am trying to obtain a set of four Saw Clamps or what would be equivalent to the Saw Clamps which hold the circular saw in position on the Series 2000 Saw Slide Chassis. Are you able to assist? The clamps which came with the MK3 are an alloy ‘U-shaped’ lug held in position with washers and butterfly nuts.
      I would appreciate a response if you are able to assist.


    • Hi Dennis
      I am trying to buy a Tri Bolt for the fence
      on my Triton Router with no success.

  5. I am loooking for triton parts workcentre 2000.
    WAC334 guard support could you help please.

    • Phill
      I have been looking for the same part and although it is years later to your post did you ever find this part and if so where.

  6. It is actually WCA334, and if you search for that on the link in my article, it is available for about £12

  7. Hi , Your my last hope before I go insane or smash the Triton Spin Saw Kit to pieces ! I’ve been after two lots of parts for the kit model TRSS , the bits I’m after are the Collets set 5 , and the two Flex Shaft Adaptors 2 of , without these parts the whole kit is useless , no one has heard of this kit before , I think it’s discontinued kit . So if you know anything about this I’d be most appreciative . Cheers Greg Hogan.

  8. Hi, I have a router attachment and biscuit joiner for sale for the triton 2000 and video anyone know what they are worth

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