CMT 285.080.10M

Intended purpose: Crosscut
Tooth count: 80
Price: $97
Source: Carbatec

Tooth Grind: ATB (alternating top bevel)
Kerf: 3.19mm
Carbide thickness (measured front face to braze): 2.63mm
Carbide length: 7.83mm
Front face length: 5.08mm

Blade axial runout: 0.004″ (0.1mm)

Expansion slots: 4, curvy hook design with crack limiter

Anti-vibration slots: 4 x double lasercut. One a simple curve, the other a multiple S pattern.

The anti-vibration / anti-noise features of this blade are pretty effective, and it proved to be pretty quiet during operation. There was no perceivable ring emitting from the blade during the cut, or during the rundown period. The anti-vibration is also meant to give the blade tips an added lease on life.

Blade body thickness: 2.22mm

General Description:

This is a nice blade, which is quite capable of doing a good job of the task it is set. It performed quite respectfully both in its forte (crosscutting), as well as ripping, despite being 80 teeth. The rips did require a bit of effort, although not unreasonable. In fairness, the blade is listed as being good for rip and crosscut, and excellent for melamine and plywood, and to that end, it performed as specified.

The cuts:

Melamine (Particle Board Backing)

Top Edge

Bottom Edge

An excellent result in the melamine cutting test, with a very clean top and bottom surface. Even when performed without a zero-clearance insert, the bottom edge was still pristine.

KD Hardwood Rip

Despite the fine surface scratches apparent here, the blade did rip pretty well. These surface marks were apparent in all tests, so there may be just one tooth with a bit of an odd profile. Without looking as closely as we are here, the finish would be quite acceptable.

Treated Pine Rip

A pretty acceptable rip of treated pine. Again, some light scoring is apparent, and a tiny amount of tearout can be seen.

Softwood (Pine) Rip

The slight scoring is also apparent here in the soft pine, but again, this is a pretty acceptable finish (remembering that this is a crosscut blade!)

KD Hardwood Crosscut

Closeup of (an absence of) tearout on hardwood crosscut

Nice job – don’t think I can add anything more than what the photos depict.

Treated Pine Crosscut

Not quite what I was expecting to see from this blade. Although it is a reasonable surface, for an 80 tooth crosscut, I would be hoping for less tooth marks and a smoother finish.

Softwood (Pine) Crosscut

A better crosscut in softwood, and smooth enough that the scoring of our oddball tooth (if that is what it is) is apparent in the surface. Otherwise, a pretty clean cut, with fibres cut rather than torn.

Some interesting results here, particularly when you do the side-by-side comparisons on the individual cut pages.

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