Freud LP60M 001

Intended purpose: Crosscut
Tooth count: 80
Price: $140
Source: Woodworking Warehouse

Tooth Grind: ATB (alternating top bevel)
Kerf: 2.75mm
Carbide thickness (measured front face to braze): 2.51mm
Carbide length: 6.14mm
Front face length: 2.53mm

Blade axial runout: 0.002″ (0.05mm)

Expansion slots: 12, hook design with mini crack limiter – 4 large, 8 small.

Anti-vibration slots: none

Blade body thickness: 1.91mm

General Description:

Its distinctive colour is due to the Perma-Shield coating. To quote from their site:

Perma-SHIELD™ permanent coating is a superior aluminum alloy coating that helps reduce friction, heat build-up, gumming, and is resistant to rust, which add up to longer blade life.

This blade represented very well, with good rips and crosscuts.  The finish on the blade itself seemed very ‘slippery’, and some of the cuts actually looked polished, no evidence of burning or overheating, even with rip cuts.

The cuts:

Melamine (Particle Board Backing)

Top Edge

Bottom Edge

A good melamine rip, with only very small amounts of breakout.

KD Hardwood Rip

Very smooth hardwood rip.  A polished finish which looked quite remarkable.

Treated Pine Rip

A very light scoring is apparent, but otherwise a good rip result.

Softwood (Pine) Rip

As with treated pine, a very fine scoring only in the surface of the rip.

KD Hardwood Crosscut

Closeup of tearout on hardwood crosscut

Very smooth crosscut, with pretty much no breakout.

Treated Pine Crosscut

One of the best crosscuts of treated pine.  Very little tearing is evident, even in the softest areas. Pretty much no breakout in evidence.

Softwood (Pine) Crosscu

Very fine crosscut, cut fibres, good finish.

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    • Muy interesante esta información para seleccionar los discos que comprare de esta firma, actualmente Bosch son de esta firma pero de + precio. Saludos Franc

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