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  1. Thanks for taking time and filming this! Watched the whole clip. The Tormek guy tries hard to show that sharpening plane blade is as quick as 30 seconds – because of that I had an impression that Tormek takes all the fun out of the sharpening process.

    • It is one of those hard balancing acts when demonstrating. Some think the water-cooled wheel takes too long, and when sharpening a dead blade (one that has years of neglect and abuse, completely rounded over and as blunt as a butter knife) then it does take time.

      The 30 second touchup demonstrated is keeping a sharp blade sharp, as you’d do at the start of each working day, so you don’t want to spend ages on each tool- you want to maintain the mirror.

      I love the Tormek- quality of the machine, quality of the wheels, the mirror finish on the tools.

      • I agree that it is great, fun to use, and produces excellent results. I have Jet – thanks to your heads up of Jet-tember – and it looks very similar to the big Tormek.

        Probably what I meant with my comment is that the demonstration looks very technical – he has done it thousands of times, and it looks like he just does it without love to his work. At least this is the feeling I had after watching it.

  2. Hi Stuart
    Thank you for the video of Woodshow 2012, I feel like I missed out on a good show.
    Totally agree with your comments on the previous post re: future direction of the Woodshow. For what its worth, more demonstrations, visits by celebrity woodsmiths & participation opportunities, really would help to increase, attendee’s involvment in & entertainment value gained.
    As this is my first post on your site, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the effort you put into your blog, it’s always a pleasure to drop by and see what’s new or what you’ve been up to (as I’ve done regularly over the last 2 years or so).

  3. Stuart I think some of your comments are valid re the show, but a bit missinformed on the floor space costing.
    Also worth comparing apples with apples not Ballarat against Melbourne shows, a big difference in people attending the show and floor costs, advertising and insurance, as you can imagine the costs involved would be 10 fold for the big show.

    We need positive feedback not negative so any ideas should be forwarded to the organising group so they can try and act on.

    Going back to jeffs shed would be disasterous for stand costs and parking availability and costs.

    Best place would be the old exhibition buildings in carlton, a great venue with feeling.

    Just my 2c worth

    Good video keep it up

  4. […] Jim Carroll on Episode 90 Woodshow 2012 […]

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