All Change

Taking on the guise of the Mad Hatter, you will have noticed some changes around the place.  Nothing too dramatic, but some font and colour modifications.  I may change the background too, if I can find something wood-like that is suitable.

This all stems from the pro-upgrade I’ve purchased to improve the place.

For one, I needed a new (and better) way for hosting and embedding video.  My original method (using had become very problematic in recent times, so needed something new and better.  The solution was WordPress’ own video hosting, called Videopress.  Few drawbacks, one being it costs, and two I would have to pay for storage ( was a free solution), but it is worth it. I needed it to continue to integrate with iTunes for the Stu’s Shed podcast, and this does so without any hassles.  Expect more regular videos again – they have been LONG overdue!

So along with video hosting, extra storage, I also like this site to be ad-free, at least of ads I cannot control!  All these popup and auto ads on sites really suck, and I hate banner farms.  In the past few years, the free WordPress site was pushing ads onto posts (you may have seen some in past years, and again on here recently), as my 1 year no-ad subscription had expired.

The pro-upgrade includes the no-ad option.  Oh, and I use, not, and again it costs to have that.

The one option I didn’t specifically go out of my way for was site customisation, but seeing as it came with the pro-upgrade, I thought I might play with that as well, tweaking some colours and fonts.

So there you have it, all for you ongoing viewing pleasure.  No ads, inline videos and more storage space for multimedia content.

Episode 87 DVR Remote

Episode 87 DVR Remote

Upgrading and using the Nova DVR XP with the Remote and Retro kits

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