At the time Stu’s Shed turned four, I paid for a premium service that prevented adverts being shown on the site.  For a while there I had a link for anyone inclined to make a donation to the site, but after a number of months, I decided to remove it again – didn’t like asking in the first place, and the $0.00 donated in all that time just demonstrated how fruitless that proved to be.

More recently, WordPress (the platform I blog on) released a product called WordAds.  I looked at a couple of sites they gave as a demonstration, and I saw a few links only, very subtle indeed, so decided to see what happened when I switched it on.  Forgot about it for a few weeks.  After posting tonight, I had the experience of seeing just how subtle it was on here.

A full width banner at the top of the page, and another large one in the right hand column.  Subtle is not how I’d describe it.  Nor targeted.  Horrible comes to mind, and a few things worse.

I still haven’t seen even what the first (partial) month earnings are (I can’t imagine much), but after seeing how intrusive the ads were, I have immediately switched them off.  Guess I’ll have to find another way to fund the site.  Bugger!

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