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  1. This is way cool, Stu.
    Congrat’s on your new web site. I look forward to many more videos.

  2. Thats a great video. what do you use to edit the video.

    Is the Router carver expensive. I saw you post on the woodworking forums.
    Good work

  3. Primarily I use Adobe Premiere for all my video editing work – it is a great program. I haven’t tried the Premiere Elements (it is significantly cheaper fwiw), but based on the relationship of Photoshop to Photoshop Elements, I think that Premiere Elements would be good for most users who don’t need all the advanced features.

    I have also used Final Cut Express (Mac) and iMovie, and both are disappointing compared to Premiere. However, for a quick throw-together job, iMovie isn’t bad – just don’t try what I did first up, and try to edit 8 hours of raw footage – Premiere handles that without blinking, iMovie crashed the computer!

    As to the 3D router carver itself – it has been ages since I bought one – I think the bit on its own is around $100, and to get it with the starting set of templates, around $250 or so. Check with Carbitool for a more exact price.

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