TS10L 10″ left tilt, 3HP tablesaw
Biesemeyer style fence, Mitre gaugeThis was one of the best saws on the market, and new would be sold for $3000. A powerful tablesaw, with two mitre tracks, solid cast iron top, 52″ rails, low profile guard that rises and falls with the blade, single spanner blade changing (lockable shaft).
It can fit a dado blade up to approx 20mm.It includes the router table insert shown here. This is one of the original router tables from Professional Woodworkers Supplies, a multilayer laminate of masonite and MDF, with tracks, and an opening for a router table insert such as the Woodpecker inserts and lifts.There are new saws being sold for about the price of this one second hand, but that is a reflection of the quality of the build of this model. A left-tilt saw is also a superior (and more costly) option.More specs available as requested. Viewing the saw by interested parties definitely recommended (once you see it in person, it will be difficult to walk away from!)
Price: $2000

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  1. […] bit of encouragement, I have taken 10% off the asking price, and set it to a very round $2000. See here for more […]

  2. hi there,
    wondering if this is still for sale?

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