9 Minutes part 2

Anthony has asked a very interesting question which has caused much food for thought.

Instead of a slab, he asked if I had considered screw pilings.  No need for the slab specifically, I’d loose a bit of shed height by installing a wooden floor (not that I don’t have a few metres spare!)

The end result could look a lot more like the Ideal Tools workshop that I was always so envious of!

An Ideal Workshop

An Ideal Workshop

There is no specific requirement to have a concrete floor, and as Anthony pointed out, it would make running services significantly easier, including having in-floor GPOs (power) right at the tool, and under-floor dust extraction.  That alone would be significant – imagine walking around a workshop with all the large machines and not having to trip over cables and ducting!

Not sure how much screw pilings cost, but definitely worth some serious investigation!

As to the timber for the floor?  There are some different options.  One is to make it out of solid timber, but that would be a phenomenal cost.  However, there other choices.  Such as laying a floor of yellow-tongue, then overlaying it with a product like Gerflor.  Another option is to use some of the timber I recovered from the Menzies Building (Tassie Oak).  I have about 52m2 of it, but that is full thickness (45mm).  If it was resawed, I would still have 20mm of timber on top of the yellow-tongue, and still have about 1/2 my timber for projects.  Hmmm.

GerflorGerflorElm GerflorWalnut

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