Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day to all the other Dads out there! (And a belated one to those in the USA – 3rd Sunday in June afaik (as far as I know))

Kind of fitting to mention some of my influences that caused me to get into woodworking, and you can probably guess where this is going. Dad always made stuff – whether it was bunk beds, bookcases, house extensions etc, he would make it, rather than buy it.

For my 4th birthday, I was really upset that I was not allowed into the garage where my father, and uncle were busily working.  They were finishing off my first billycart, which became the first of many.  The point is, I was always surrounded by things that were made – you came to expect that you could create things yourself, rather than just accept someone else’s construct.

Who knows where this all lead? Did all this influence me in getting an engineering degree? Become a woodworker? Who knows, but in hindsight, it is interesting seeing where the first seeds were potentially sewn.

So to all the Dads out there, and myself these days – what we do day to day, and in our sheds can hugely influence our next generation, in the same way our Dads influenced us.

Thanks Dad, Happy Father’s Day.

A Global Village

Does this make me the local wood smith for our global village?

This is a rudimentary map of the distribution of visitors to the site for the past week or so. Fascinating to see just how global my little tin shed in the suburbs of Melbourne is seen around the world.


(BTW, I don’t have any mechanism for, nor interest in, collecting info on individual visitors – this map is compiled based on ISP location rather than individuals).

Welcome to Fans of WoodTalkOnline!

For those that don’t know, Marc (The Wood Whisperer) (and Nicole) and Matt (Matt’s Basement Workshop) have been collaborating on an audio Podcast available through iTunes, called WoodTalkOnline.  There is an associated website where they post their show notes and is rapidly expanding with other articles, so are definitely worth checking out.

To the fans of their respective (and collaborative) shows, who have found their way down under to Stu’s Shed, welcome indeed.  Hope you enjoy your stay, have a gander around and feel free to drop back anytime!  I’d offer refreshments, but this is still only Web 2.0 – we will be waiting a while yet for Web 7.9!

Comments, questions, feedback, requests etc all welcome 🙂

Time Does Fly

Wow – been a week since I posted last – oops!

It has been busy though – family, work, and the entire weekend was taken up teaching the woodworking course at Holmesglen. It is a pity that it is only the occasional weekend (not that I want to fill my weekends up any more though!) as it is something that I really enjoy, and I get paid for it as well!

It is really rewarding seeing the ‘students’ on the course going from not really being sure about what they are doing at all, and watching over the course (sic) of the day that confidence growing and how much they start really enjoying what they are doing. Don’t get me wrong – the first 1 1/2 hours are spent on safety and setup, so that confidence is well grounded.

So to the students who came along – hope you had a great time, learned plenty and are ready to really start enjoying your woodworking. Keep safe, and thanks for an excellent weekend.

Life as a Simpsons Character.

Me as a Simpsons character. Produced at http://simpsonizeme.com/

I chose the Krusty Studios background for all the podcasting!


RIP – Steve Bisson (Auld Bassoon)

Steve Bassoon
Steve Bassoon


Rest in peace mate.

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