Wood Show Season (Vic)

It’s wood show season in Melbourne, a fortnight of events.

Starting next weekend with the Oktober Woodfest, held at the Woodworking Warehouse in Braeside. (11 Citrus Street)

Friday 10am – 5pm, Saturday 10am – 3:30pm.



Not sure who will be there this year, Woodworking Warehouse (obviously), and Professional Woodworkers Supplies (definitely).  I’d assume like previous years that Australian Furniture Timbers will be there as well.  I got some nice pieces from them last year.  There is the BBQ, and as Mel has just had a new bub, another friend of mine will be manning the grill.

There is no entry fee and street parking (and free BBQ), so you can save your coin for the specials inside., and not feel like having to spend it just getting to, and being there.

Be interesting to find out what is happening with Jet, given that Carbatec have been given national distributorship.  Personally, (from Woodworking Warehouse’s perspective) I’d be dropping Jet (why be forced buy from your competitor), and bring in a new brand, such as Grizzly.  The Grizzly range looks to be made in similar factories as the original Carbatec range (including my discontinued TS10L), and as Carbatec may be dropping that range in preference for Jet (time will tell), there is definitely a market.  I’d also be getting Gabbett to provide some of the SawStop range – might as well have it on the shop floor in one of the retail outlets in Melbourne.  That’s my 2 cents.  I have a few Jet tools (jointer, lathe, bandsaw) and currently have the lathe and bandsaw stored – not because I want to, but I am simply out of room.

Anyway, back to the day – there will be specials, there will be new products (Professional Woodworkers Supplies have a number definitely worth seeing).  Check out PWS’s Zhen knives – I have a Nakiri blade, and it is brilliant for chopping up vegetables (you’ve seen ads about slicing tomatoes to reveal how sharp a blade is, but the real demonstration for me is just how easy the blade can cleave and skin a pumpkin.  Tomatoes are soft, and any half-sharp blade cuts them easily).
The following weekend (Friday – Sunday) is the Melbourne Timber and Working with Wood Show, and Stu’s Shed has a small stand there, but more on that later.

The weekend after that is the Stitches and Craft show, and along with ManSpace magazine, a few of us will be setting up a men’s break corner.  Few demos, comfortable couches, bunch of ManSpace mags to flick through etc.  Again, more details closer to the day, but if you are going to be heading along (penance for attending wood shows perhaps?) drop on by!



Got along to the WoodFest at the Woodworking Warehouse and had a bit of a look around – quite a lot of new products to look at which is always interesting, particularly those from Woodpeckers in the USA on the Professional Woodworkers Supplies stand.

On display are the Wood River planes, a new style of sharpening stone (that uses a replaceable abrasive) from Woodpeckers, as well as the Woodpeckers One-Time tools.

Rule clamps to provide a stop for repeatable measurements ( and a larger one to fit the Woodpeckers Red Rules)  Simple devices that make good sense, and well engineered to boot.

The Cross-Dowel Drill Jig….

And a new style of double helix brad point that has good chip clearance, and provides a good reference surface for use with a jig (such as the cross-dowel drill jig). (More on that in a future article).

I don’t know specifically what you’d use an ultrasonic cleaning machine for, but I imagine it is great for rejuvenating tools, cleaning router bits and saw blades etc.  Only problem is the price, and although the smaller still looks like it has a good capacity, once you take the lid off, less than half the depth is actually useable.  Still, it’d be very interesting to see how functional they are. (There wasn’t a demo of them on the day).

And lots of really interesting looking timbers.  I came away with a couple of lengths of African Rosewood (a very orange/red wood with a strikingly contrasted white sapwood).  Hope to make some dovetail boxes with it.

There were plenty of other things (not shown), such as the upgraded Woodpecker Story Stick, an Hitachi 12″ SMCS for $900 (new), and the obligatory sausage sizzle.

On again tomorrow (Saturday) from 10am to 3pm

Quick Visit

Headed down to the Woodworking Warehouse for a quick look at the Woodfest that was running (busy day so couldn’t stop for long).

A familiar tool right out front, and Terry on the right demonstrating planing and thicknessing on a Jet.

Didn’t take many photos as was quite rushed, but I did see this interesting combination of a Triton Router Table and a home-made cabinet/stand.  Looked an interesting combination resulting in a very productive machine.

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