Testing a New Input Method

I’m trying out a novel way of creating blog entries, and at this stage not sure if it is entirely successful or not.

It is using voice dictation software, but I am unsure whether I can actually think any faster by speaking than I do when I’m typing. Let alone, the number of small mistakes this product is currently making that I have to keep going back and correcting.

I guess with practice, that both it and I will learn how to work with each other to improve the overall accuracy, and once I become somewhat more familiar with writing by speaking, then everything might become a little smoother. Irrespective, it is rather disconcerting to watch one’s words appear on the screen just by speaking. I have used these sorts of products in the past to varying degrees of success, but never have gotten to a point where I felt that it was a superior method then typing.

I suspect, that this will again proved to be a short lived experiment.

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