Happiness is

A really successful session in the shed.  Been preparing tonight for the Alternate Wood Show demos I am doing, and the shed time went really well.  That is when it is really fun.

Had a few firsts as well.  First time I got to use the router wing I added to the tablesaw to rout long lengths of board.  Used the tablesaw fence, and got to use my old homemade router fence mounted to it with a couple of small wooden clamps.  Didn’t think it would ever prove useful again after upgrading to the full Incra Wonderfence, but you don’t throw away potentially useful gadgets! This just reinforces that basic shed rule.

Discovered an uninvited shed visitor as well.  He and I are going to have a little discussion about a bloke’s shed being his space, and you really should wait to be invited before making use of it.  He’s either going to have to learn English, or I am going to have to learn Possum.  Given neither is likely, we will probably have to resort to the very traditional sign language that was developed back at the dawn of man.

The first 1/4 million is rapidly approaching

and will occur sometime in the next 4-6 days approximately (currently, the site is getting about 1000 visitors / day)

As like our last ‘competition’, if you are close to being the 250,000th person, take a screenshot to record it for prosperity.  Send it in to me (no photoshopped images (I know what to look for!)), and the closest to being the 1/4 millionth visitor will win a small prize.  If there is a draw, I will pull a name from a hat.

I’m not sure what the prize will be at this stage, but it will be something worth around $A25 (250,000 visitors makes for 1c every 100 visitors)

For those living in Oz, it can either be a Carbatec Voucher, a Woodworking Warehouse voucher, or a Professional Woodworkers Supplies voucher.  I was hoping to get some ‘corporate’ coverage, but I’m running out of time to find one!

For overseas visitors, it will be an Amazon voucher.

I reserve the right to change my mind on a whim about what the prize will be!  At least a voucher is easy to post 🙂

A Small Visitor

Had a knock on the door while working on a new jig over the weekend……..

Visiting Daddy's Workshop

Visiting Daddy in his Workshop

Too many daddy toys and not enough daughter toys out there!

(She’s 22 months old here fwiw)

Are YOU the 200,000th visitor to Stu’s Shed?

As we rapidly approach the 200,000th visitor to Stu’s Shed (and no, my visits do not get counted!), are you the 200,000th? (It will be sometime between now and about Monday evening – currently averaging around 900/day) (If you are not exact, but within a few, give it a try – the closest entry I get will still win, and if it is a tie, I’ll toss a coin or something!)

If you are, (and the counter is on the right hand side of the screen), take a screen shot and email it to me.  If you don’t know how to take a screenshot, try hitting the print-screen button, then open Word, and do “Edit, Paste” (or Control-V).

If that doesn’t work, you could always take a photo of your screen!

Send it in, and I’ll send a (small) prize to you, world-wide!  Everyone is eligible! 🙂

The prize will be a GMC Powered Tape measure.  I know it isn’t a huge prize, but just a bit of fun 🙂

GMC Powered Tapemeasure

GMC Powered Tapemeasure

Oh, by the way, don’t try sending in a Photoshopped image – I have ways of telling them apart…..!!

Update: Looks like we have a tie?!! Will make a new post however announcing the winner(s)!

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