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StatsI did know people (other than me) were interested in the shed build, but I had no idea how that would reflect on site traffic.  About a month ago, the website set a new record of 2003 views at the time the slab was being poured (which was impressive seeing as the previous record day was set in 2009 and since then the rise and rise of social media meant more people were viewing the site through other means (Facebook, Twitter, direct email etc)).

As you can see from the stats page above, today we SMASHED that record, with a new one of 3721.  In a single day.  And even then, there are more visits than reflected here.

It dwarfs the previous record, almost doubling it!  The views in Australia alone smashed the previous (worldwide) record.

It is still a shame that we will loose a lot of this momentum with the shed build shutting down for 2 weeks for the Xmas break – I was really trying to get the build happening earlier.Them’s the breaks.

That will be a hard record to ever beat.  I am still stunned by these numbers. WOW!

Breakin’ Eggs

(Video free from

Stu’s Shed is now 6 years old!  You’ve heard of human years, dog years, cat years etc (Dog to human years, about 7:1, cat to human about 5.5:1, (and yes I know this is poor science))

A website year is harder to define – few blogs survive 12 months, let along pass 3 years (let alone double that!)  The average blog has the lifespan of a fruitfly (30-44 days) (and some claim the intelligence of one!)

Another quote that I love:

Blogging is not writing, it is graffiti with punctuation

Previously, I have provided stats at the end of each year, but they are becoming more and more irrelevant, being harder and harder to track.  Over the last 6 years there has been a massive rise in social media, with Twitter and Facebook leading the charge.  Counting for this traffic, RSS feeds, direct emails and the old-fashion (but preferred) site hits, and the 1.8 million visits the website shows is closer to 3 million if you account for the other viewing methods.


But whatever, Stu’s Shed is still here, and with the new shed (announcement of commencement very soon (I hope!!!!)), I am feeling really inspired for a whole raft of new content. And returning to more video content to boot!

In the world of blogs (the blogosphere), Stu’s Shed is now one of the elders (remembering too, that it is still a single-author blog, unlike most other long-term players).  Who knows where it leads, but until there is a real push for a more modern alternative, we are here to stay, and even then are very adaptable on the WordPress platform.

So, “Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday Stu’s Shed, happy birthday to you”


I guess we survived the end of the world then.

To all those who (through various forums) have wished me a Happy New Year, thank you, and please accept this as a sincere reciprocation, even if I haven’t done so directly.  And a Happy New Year to everyone else out there – readers and visitors to Stu’s Shed!

WordPress published its annual (basic) summary of the website again: for 2012 there were 330000 direct visitors (in addition to all those who get the website content through RSS feeds, email subscription, Facebook, Twitter etc etc).  With over 1000 subscribers, the real number of visitors to the site is in the order of 1/2 a million for the year (conservatively).  The majority of visitors were from Australia, the USA and the UK.  Coverage was still pretty impressive – 187 countries.  With the total number in the world being 196 (as the most popular count), this means Stu’s Shed was read in over 95% of countries worldwide.

There were 288 posts in 2012, so I have dropped off from the 1/day average, something I hope to correct this year.  I managed it a couple of years ago, and although it was quite a bit of work, it was also very rewarding.  There are some challenges this year as you know, but I am hopeful to get closer to this ideal again.  I also want to continue to boost the number of videos this year, so given it is 1/1, I have already filmed one today, ready for editing!

There have been plenty of comments, unfortunately mostly spam.  At least all that gets automagically trashed.  Of the rest, the top 5 commenters are Ian, Dennis, Alan, Lindz and Lazy Larry. Pete wasn’t far behind.  Thanks for being such active participants!

2013 –  Lots more posts: who knows where the posts will lead!

I can be pretty sure of one thing – at least a few of those posts will be about setting up a new workshop!

So roll on 2013, and onto Stu’s Shed’s 6th birthday.  This year will see the 2 millionth direct visitor (if we are lucky), 2500th post, and loads more.





The best content is original. Repeatedly re-blogging others content (look at your archives for the last 6 months) indicates you have no original ideas. I remember when Stu’s Shed was ‘great’, now it’s droll. – Sam

It was an interesting comment I received from “Sam” after posting about Michael Turri’s phenomenal work that happened to have been previously mentioned on The Wood Whisperer.  Unlike other media, apparently bloggers are only entitled to write original content, and not refer to anything someone else has commented on. Not sure why there are “Press This” and “Reblog” tools available, if not for reposting interesting content found elsewhere (or retweet for the twitterati).

However, if not for my readers this site would not exist, so you tell me what you want.

From Sam’s comment about the last 6 months, I decided to count back. 145 posts. 20 posts that I would regard as re-blogs (or primarily to embed someone else’s YouTube content).

'Droll' Content Graph

‘Droll’ Content Graph

Sam suggested I rename my blog “Wood Whisperer Reblogged”, although there has only been 1 post in the last 6 months.  There have been 8 from Lost Art Press (Chris Schwarz’s blog).

So my question is this: are you interested in me reposting interesting content when I find it, or not?  If not, it would simply have meant 20 less posts, but the real question is whether you think it degrades the whole site or not when I do so?

And just as an aside, have a look at some other sites, and see how much of their own “original” content they post.  And how much advertising they have.

“No original ideas”? Seriously?

Bodging a Job

But not in a bad way! The power of Twitter and Blogging combined resulted in me coming across this video of a Bodger making a child’s top from green timber, using a foot powered lathe (known as a pole lathe), drawknife, a Shave Horse, a few other more historic hand tools, and to my surprise, a Triton Superjaws (the Australian made version what’s more 🙂 ) I was a tiny bit disappointed when I saw a battery powered drill being used for one job – the rest was such a refreshing approach to woodworking (refreshing in it being so traditional) So thanks to @RenaissanceWW and @fwmagazine for spreading the work about Treewright‘s demonstration 🙂  And of course, Treewright for making the video to share with us!

For those about to Tweet…..

We salute you!

(Poor ACDC reference!)

For those that do use Twitter, Stu’s Shed has recently joined in, as much to find out what the hype is all about.

Listed as stusshed, I assume there is a search function!

Direct link: (thanks Jonathan)

Get some insider gossip, previews of upcoming tool reviews, and news to hand that hasn’t gotten to the blog yet

It will be interesting to see how the blog and the twitter coexist. You are limited to 140 characters or so, but some may agree that limiting how much I can write could be a bloody good thing!

Update – found a Twitter Widget for the blog – you can see my latest Twitters now down the bottom of the left-hand column.  Sometimes there will be some very new news in there, stuff that will work its way into the body of the blog, but with Twitter you will be getting some news particularly fast, keeping you more in the loop of what’s happening at Stu’s Shed.

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