Shed Concepts

The property is not the most convenient shape for a traditional shed, and having a 2m easement on one side doesn’t help the situation.  I also wanted to ensure that a reasonable amount of yard was retained, so that limits the maximum dimensions (as does price obviously!)

I left a shed with 32m2 floorspace, with an additional 9m2 shed for storage and the dust extractor & air compressor.  Given I was pretty much out of space, the new one simply needs to be bigger.

I’ve had a couple of different companies out so far to look at the options.  One (who came out yesterday) has already submitted a design and quote.  The second is still planning (apparently).  I did hear from a third, but they expected to be prepaid $5000 to design plans and to get permits.  I kid you not.

Still a way to go on the planning – at some stage I need to get the local council to buy in on the concept, but what I have so far is an adaption of an American Barn, with the main wall running parallel with the easement, which places the shed in line and square with the house.  48m2, with a mezzanine providing an additional 12m2 of storage/working area.  There are still two external areas that can be enclosed giving another 6m2 or so for the dust extractor/air compressor/additional timber storage.  Even without that, it is looking about 60m2 of working space and storage.  A good start.

So the first design option.


Still playing around with colours of the Colourbond Steel.  This is one possibility.  Another would be pale yellow walls with darker grey roof and accents.  Colour is not a particular concern at this stage.


This is similar to the final design, although the left side actually stops short so it fits closer to the corner of the block (as you see in the plan view above)

I’ve even started playing around with tool layout, using the Grizzly Workshop Designer (  Still missing the workbench and the Torque Workcentre, so some variation will still occur.


Update – stuffed up – see the new post on 9 Apr for modified plan!


Some tools are recognisable, others not.  The LHS has the two lathes, then the drill press.  To the right of the drill press in the corner is the router table.  In the middle is the tablesaw, with the large bandsaw to its right.  The jointer and thicknesser are more obvious, and the back wall has the 2nd bandsaw, spindle sander, disk/belt sander.  Outside (in the white area) is the dust extractor.  Not sure where the stair would go to the mezzanine (which is above the back section).  If you have a better idea for layout, I’d be happy to see it!  Don’t forget the TWC (2500×900) and workbench (1500×750, plus vices).

Interesting to see what other designs surface, both tool layout, and shed design.  Cost will also play a significant factor.

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