H.O. Studley Tool Chest

I was sure I had posted about the Studley tool chest in the past, so sorry if this isn’t new (but a search of the site didn’t turn anything up!)

Henry Studley was a piano maker from the late 1800s (1838-1925), who is still famous today, not so much for his pianos and organs, but for the magnificent tool chest he made that houses over 300 tools in a 40″x20″ case (closed).

Photo from Fine Woodworking Magazine

There is a poster that FineWoodworking.com sell of the Studley case, and I had it on my iPhone as a screen saver for a long time (although the details are a little hard to see!)  What the poster does not reveal is the magnificent details of drawers and hinged sections, sliding shelves within the drawers etc.

Thanks to IS for linking me to a video by the New Yankee Workshop, we can get to see the real detail that a static photo hides.

And for those particularly interested, Lost Art Press (aka Chris Schwarz and co) are coming out with a book in 2013 specifically about the chest.

Anyone prepared to draw the unit in Sketchup?!

Pelican Tool Chest

I’ve been using Pelican cases for a while as an optimum solution for serious camera protection – watertight, impact resistant, and capable of sustaining serious abuse while protecting the equipment inside.

They have a whole range of cases available, and have also been supplying a number of different designs to the military.

One of these has found its way into the civilian arena, and I WANT ONE!

It is the Pelican Mobile Tool Chest, and it’d look great in the back of the car, in the shed, etc!

Pelican Mobile Tool Chest

Pelican Mobile Tool Chest

Costs a lowly $A1600.  Hmm perhaps not at the moment!

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