1 Week Warning!

A week from today (in fact many will even start a day before that), the majority of the work goes into setting up the stands for this year’s Melbourne Working with Wood Show.

It is that time again already!

As in 2011, I won’t be doing anything formal at this show (although due to much less controversial circumstances), but still have no intention to miss it!

As many will be aware, the location has changed for this year, with a return to Jeff’s Shed, although at a smaller scale to the last time the show was there.  And no, I don’t intend to call it “The MCEC” – if you say it quickly, sounds like something my cat does after eating grass!

You can find the official list of exhibitors here, and map here.

Alternately, here is a version I have created for you, combining the two!  Text might be too small for some, but hopefully this is more useable! Click on the image to open the actual PDF (larger and more readable!!)


Had to look up some of the exhibitors – no idea who they were.  Still don’t?!

There are plenty of stands I am looking forward to getting into.

Looking forward to playing with a SawStop (I may even get to set one off, which would be exciting!)
Henry Eckert and HNT Gordon are always particularly dangerous stands, as is Chris Vesper’s next door – fine handtools are always a real temptation.
Carroll’s Street (as I call it, perhaps Carroll’s Lane) is well done.
Vermec (and their CNC) and 3D Printing will be getting a fair few questions!

This is just a sample of what I will be looking at, and there are plenty of others worthy of mention as well, but perhaps just head along and enjoy what is on offer!

This is a smaller show that what we are used to in previous years, and as much as I believe shows should be about getting a company’s name out there, promoting up-coming products, and generally selling the brand, I also understand it is an expensive business and most are hoping to make as many sales as possible.  This is the main parameter they use to justify coming back in future years, and it is concerning to see it continuing to shrink.

All I can say is – I hope the companies are doing what they can to provide the customers in the way of good prices and interesting stands.  In turn, we do need to buy things, not only because new tools are always welcome, but also because we want the wood shows to survive.

I always have a great time at the show, working or not.  Hope you do as well!

October Plans

Straight for the jugular

You’ve heard of Whale Wars, Storage Wars even Abalone Wars.

Now, to a city near you comes “Woodshow Wars”.

The first few stones have been thrown, and whether you agree with the content or not, they have a singular target in mind.


Christmas in October – the Wood Show approaches

I’m starting to build my shopping list for the upcoming Melbourne Wood Show, and in my preparatory travels, I typically check out Carroll’s and found some interesting new products they have that will be of interest to others going to the show.

For one, they are stocking the Tormek T7 (where I got mine from), and they are a supplier of Flai blades (check out my videos of the Mustang and Ultimate blades – they are exceptional!)  They have the Tormek Drill Bit Sharpener (DBS-22)(and will no doubt be demonstrating it – check it out and see why I like it so much!)

Tormek DBS22

They have a new Professional Pen Starter kit that looks like an excellent idea.  I already have what I need there, but will definitely be stocking up on pen kits – I am in very short supply, and they make excellent Christmas presents (and I always like having a few nice ones for my personal use as well).

Professional Pen Starter Kit

Carroll’s have quite a lot of the products I have been talking about over the years – the Top Saver and Blade Saver systems (for cleaning and protecting your tools), Quicky tape measures, Wixey, Microclene, Lidwig, the list goes on and on.  Jim and Irene always have a very comprehensive stand.

I’m seriously considering the Easy Riser conversion kit for my drill press too – will be checking that out too, and I am definitely having a very close look at the Beall Pen Wizard – been tempted by one of those for ages!

Beall Pen Wizard

Stu’s Shed will be at the show, in conjunction with Torque Workcentres, so don’t forget to drop in and check out what I have been spending quite a bit of time talking about recently – the machine has so much unrealised potential, and the more owners there are sharing their discoveries of what we can do with it, the more invaluable the Torque Workcentre will become!

Torque Workcentre

Brisbane Day 2

Another big day on the job – the Magswitch Pro Featherboard proved very popular – to the extent I was pretty much out of stock by 2, and ended up selling the ones I was using to demonstrate.  Great being busy, and especially when you feel like you are really achieving something, but I was whacked by the end of the day!

Current haunts

This is where I spent much of the day today, and to give the space a bit more presence, I rolled out one of the new Stu’s Shed banners. I still have a small pile of fridge magnets available too (although I have been known to subversively secrete some elsewhere in the show (pillars, Triton workcentres, Torque workcentres etc)

Speaking of Triton – seemed strange seeing them at a show again.  From what I hear, the router is proving very popular.  This is the latest version of the 2400W.  Noticed a slight modification to the router table as well, but haven’t looked closely to see what other changes have been made, if any.

The Triton Phoenix

Next to the Triton display, there are a few Dust Deputy Cyclones, and in the background, the very Dust Deputy I’ve been trying to duplicate (with little success)! – the one designed to fit on top of the Festool Vac.



Some of my work for the Torque guys – the 2m freestanding banner in the foreground, and the 2.5m x  2m banner hanging in the background. These will be coming down to Melbourne in time for the Tradesman’s Expo for my stand in a couple of weeks.


Lots to look at on the TWC stand.


Finally, these are the Stihl boys showing their slabbing skills.  I have been thinking there is no real reason why a very similar concept wouldn’t work particularly well on the Torque Workcentre.

Episode 40 SawStop at the Melbourne Wood Show

Episode 40 SawStop

Some very impressive technology for the woodworking workshop. As seen demonstrated at the Melbourne Timber and Working with Wood Show, October 08.

The buggers also give me a bit of stick while filming 🙂  Thanks Brendan!

Melbourne Wood Show Floor Plan

Talk about last minute, but at least we have the floor plan for the wood show, so we can start planning “the assault”

Start drawing up the battle plans boys (and girls) 🙂

(Click the image for a larger version)

Melbourne Wood Show

Melbourne Wood Show

Still no Stu’s Shed stand – perhaps one day (at the moment, the cost would be phenomenal and I don’t exactly make money from this!!)

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