The Return of Powermatic Down Under, and a Stu’s Shed exclusive offer

Yes, it is true.  Powermatic, one of the well recognised gold standards of woodworking machines that others get compared to, is returning to Australian shores.

What is more, that as a Stu’s Shed reader, you have been given the unique opportunity to attend the product launch. 
Now before you decide to pass it by, there is a door prize, and more importantly, plenty of catering!
The door prize is only likely to be a Powermatic bandsaw or similar from the range, but don’t let that sway you.  Free food!

Of course, if you don’t come to the Melbourne release, more chance for me 🙂


I don’t have any Powermatic machines in my workshop……yet! 😉   MMmmmmmm Powermatic.

Details are:

Mon Nov 11th Brisbane Store 5:30 Start
Tues Nov 12th Sydney Store 5:30 Start
Wed Nov 13th Melb Store 5:30 Start

Refreshments and Drinks provided
Lucky Door Prize in every store – drawn on the night – (winner must be in attendance)
Substantial and exclusive offers on the night.
Powermatic and CT staff on hand to answer questions
Dancing Girls……sorry……..NO dancing girls. (Note from Stu – who needs dancing girls, there is tool porn!)

RSVP is essential (for catering etc) by 1st November

If interested….attendees MUST make contact with Carba-Tec via:

Be in quick – once the places are full, that is it.  And you cannot just rock up on the night – entry by invite only.

Sydney Checklist

Did a bit of the tourist thing in my latest trip to Sydney.  While I was in the Navy, Sydney was almost a second home, so it was interesting treating it as a first-time visit.

Opera House @ night (handheld camera)

Bondi Beach

World's Smallest Bunnings

A cool fast-food place based around crepes Xquisito @ Chatswood

Visiting Carbatec Sydney

Ferry on the Harbour

City from the Ferry

My old stoming ground - Garden Island East

Climbing Sydney Harbour Bridge (w FIL)

Road Trip to Carbatec Sydney

While in Sydney, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to drop into Carbatec Sydney, never having been there before (and if the truth be known, this will be the first Carbatec I’ve visited, other than Melbourne of course).

Carbatec Sydney

Was a bit of a drive from where I was staying, down to near Homebush (where the Sydney Olympics were held).  City the size of Sydney could almost do with a couple of Carbatecs!

As much as my iPhone GPS hasn’t let me down on the trip, I was still not sure where the hell it was taking me, until the very familar blue, white ‘n’ red sign came into view.

Lathes and Drill Presses

There was a good collection of heavy machinery, but it was quite tightly packed into the showroom (not in a bad way), so you could still easily see the entire range without it totally dominating.

Bandsaws and Workbenches

Bandsaws, and more bandsaws.  14″, 14″, 17″, 19″, 21″, 24″.  Who’d imagine just how much difference an extra 7″ could make?  The 24″ pretty much has to be a 3 phase machine – single phase just can’t provide it enough oomph. (That’s a technical term btw).

Small accessories and consumables

Looking though the rest of the place, and it is going through quite a transition at the moment, as Dave (owner) and Mark (store manager) are transforming the place with new shelving and wall units.  (If you want one of their older, wooden units some are currently in their carpark with a “for sale” sign on them).

They also have this ideal LCD display unit (foreground), which they use in-store, but will be perfect at the various wood shows too.

New shelving

Books, grinders, books, and the new shelving around the back wall.

A forest of cast iron (tablesaws)

No TS10L though sorry – I checked!  Also planers, thicknessers, router wings.

Adhesives and Carving Chisels

Carbatec also carry a range of Festool and Protool – I even found 4mm dominos here – something I haven’t found in Melbourne, or Denver!  (I have them with my Domino, but have been running out of 4mm ones after the toy kitchen projects)

The Protool Univers SSP200

This one always catches my eye wherever I see it.  There is also a larger 380 version.

For those powerless nights

Tired of tools with power cords?  Try some of these on for size 🙂

Acrylic Pen Blanks

And finally, this simple, but effective idea.  On the front of each acrylic pen blank box is a turned version of the blank.  This does make a lot of sense, because sometimes the blank and the final product are very different, so it is very useful to see what the acrylic comes out like when it is round in cross-section, and not square.

So that is a bit of a photo-tour of Carbatec Sydney.  Thanks to Dave and Mark for the chat, and the look around the place 🙂

Smallest Bunnings Ever

Was driving around Sydney (another short trip recently), and unlike Melbourne where there seems to be a mega-sized Bunnings every second intersection, I only saw 1 Bunnings store, and it was the smallest I have ever seen.  Not a massive building in the middle of a huge carpark, but a small shopfront on a busy street, no parking (don’t think there is any real parking in Sydney).

Standing outside the smallest Bunnings I've ever seen!

Just how small is it?


Garden Supplies Section

Plant Section - Choices Choices!

Speaking of parking, we headed down to see the Opera House one evening, and used a carpark that advertised 1 hour for $9 – oh well, expensive but bearable.  When we left the carpark after 40 minutes – $32!  Apparently there was fine print at the bottom that said there was a fixed rate after 5pm.

Opera House

There is a theory that there are more cars in Sydney than parks, so you have to have a certain percentage of cars always on the road, or rather no matter what happens there will always be a percentage driving around looking for a non-existent park!

A roaming we will go

I’m currently sitting in a cafe in Melbourne, with a German Beer beside me, and eating a Greek Fetta Pizza.  There is a parcel coming on a boat from China, I am writing an entry on my blog which is hosted in the USA, reading the latest news from the BBC in the UK, watching the cricket currently being played in Brisbane, reading emails from Sydney and comments from Russia, talking to my wife on the phone who’s shopping in Southland, and sending an instant text message to my brother in Malaysia for his birthday.

When did the world become so weird?

Selamat hari jadi (Happy Birthday) Bro btw.

(I hope that is Malay for H/B!)

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