Stop Motion Finishing

An interesting way of demonstrating applying finish to a project. Looks pretty cool! The video primarily demonstrates how the stop-motion was done.

Wish I had that much time on my hands!

The Turri Effect

Saw this reposted on Wood Whisperer, and was blown away to put it mildly.  A couple of videos of Michael Turri’s final project for the Mechanical Engineering/Fine Arts program he was doing.


If only the Stanford’s Graduate Design Program concept had been available at Auckland University – this would have been the degree I was looking for!  (I spent so much of my time during my engineering degree haunting the Fine Arts library, and spent many an engineering lecture reading books on photography!)

The first video uses stop motion, combined with a kaleidoscopic effect as Michael has taken 1200 end grain slices through a heavily figured piece of timber (the video depicts approximately 1 inch of timber every 3 seconds), photographing and dressing the end grain each slice.

The second video is a short piece as he developed the concept

You can read more about this on Michael’s website, and on The Wood Whisperer

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