Between a Rock….

You are walking in the bush, or beside a stream, and see a rock like any other, a bit dirty, perhaps with a good collection of moss (not a rock of the rolling variety).  You might walk right on pass, use it as a stepping stone, or pick it up and toss it into the water for a satisfying splash.

Or, like some, you may instead recognise a potential treasure waiting to be released from its crusty cocoon.

Takes a bit to do that however – it is a rock after all, so a diamond blade is definitely the order of the day.  So into my Dad’s workshop, and after firmly clamping the rock (I’m sure he’ll tell us what it is!) it is slowly fed into the constantly oil lubricated blade, first slicing it in two, before cutting off some thin slices.

An experienced eye may be able to have a pretty fair idea of what is inside, but really it is a mystery until the stone is cleaved.

In this case, I have a couple of thin slices and along with a fair few other slices from different stones, ready to be incorporated into some wooden designs – perhaps an infill section of a box lid.

So pretty interesting not only to get to see what is inside what is otherwise just another boulder, but also to be able to cut it to a thickness, and sometimes a shape that can be utilised in another project.


Episode 41 Wetstone Jigs and Stone Dressing

Episode 41 Wetstone Jigs and Stone Dressing

The wetstone sharpeners are just one part of the system – the jigs that are available make it a very versatile machine.  This video covers both some of the jigs that are available, as well as dressing the stone, so it is flat and parallel to the jig support arm.

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