Imperial Walker

My favourite vehicle from the Star Wars universe – the AT-AT, (All Terrain Armoured Transport), or Imperial Walker.  Standing 22.5m high, and capable of moving up to 60km/hr.

“Judge me by my size, do you?”

The model plans comes from, and the model cut from 3mm MDF stands 360mm high.  If you want larger, doubling the material thickness doubles the height (and so on!)

Cut with my 1/16″ 2 flute straight cutter 45190 from, and the engraving done with 45780 – a 7.5o solid carbide engraving bit.

ATAT_02Photo by Kara Rasmanis

From the MakeCNC website: Starwars are owned by their respective Trademark and Copyright holders. No copyright infringement is intended. All such content is protected by intellectual property laws and any use other than private, non commercial purposes is strictly prohibited. Unlike our other patterns, you may NOT make and sell kits of these patterns to the public. This is a Pattern Only! It is NOT a completed model or kit. We do NOT take liability for what you do with it, the pattern.  Starwars and its characters are protected by copyright. This pattern is for Personal Use Only!

Toy Story

For those with kids (or are big kids themselves), it ’tis the season for bulky toy catalogues!

Other than living a second childhood, I find one other particular benefit of looking through the acres of pages: toy after wooden toy that I see, not to buy, but that I can use as a source of ideas for ones I can make.

Following a plan, the step by step in a book is fine, but I don’t get anywhere near the same satisfaction that I get by coming up with the method myself, even if the actual product concept is sourced from an existing product.  It will often be that the end result doesn’t look much like the product that inspired it in any case.  The last batch of toy kitchens is one such example.  At first glance it looked something like those in the toy catalogues, but the devil is in the details.

My interpretation is below

Some toys are just so over-engineered, they engineer all the imagination out of play.  Especially the plastic fantastic ones.  Well made wooden toys benefit both from very durable (to the point of being able to be handed down the generations) they have great tactility and physical presence.

Back to the catalogues for me.

Ooh – a lego Star Wars Millennium Falcon.  I’m sure my 5yr old daughter would love that.  If not, shame it can’t be returned once opened!

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