What’s in a name?

Been doing quite a bit of demo’ing the past few days – that Bosch demo saw has been getting a good workout, and has been performing really well.

Changed the blade to a shorter one, which did help – more control and less inclination to end up with a bent blade.  There is a Bosch kit that contains 12 blades, and a hard case for the blades – some metal, some wood and metal blades, short and long.


Got the Stanley Fubar out and running as well – saw it for sale ( a cheaper Stanley version – not the FatMax), and I guess the Stanley marketing department has cottoned onto what FUBAR stands for.  So now it is called a Functional Utility Bar.  Guess that is what happens when you try to match a name to an acronym.  Wonder what a Dysfunctional Utility Bar looks like?

What happens when you put 2 companies into a Fusion Reactor?

You create new mega-molecules, in this case a mashup of Stanley Works (as in Stanley Tools) and Black & Decker have combined to create Stanley Black & Decker.

Surprised they didn’t buy Triton while they were playing with the loose change.


I’ve got myself a FUBAR!

Seems silly, but I’ve wanted one ever since I saw one, and not because it will prove to be quite useful, but because somehow, someone working for Stanley managed to get FUBAR accepted as a product name.

The Stanley FatMax Xtreme FuBar is a wrecking hammer / wrecking bar in one, and as such looks a pretty useful device anyway:



This is the larger of the two versions available (it is definitely bigger in real life than it looks in the photo), and they are normally between $50 and $70 depending on whether you shop at Bunnings or Mitre 10.  I got this one on sale (new) for $15 (that sale is over now unfortunately – one of those “grab it while you can” things).

Oh, and why is FUBAR such an unusual name for a product (especially in Australia)? It is an acronym from my Navy days (and does get used elsewhere as well), and stands for “F***ed Up Beyond All Recognition” (or “Repair”, depending on context).

I can’t think of a better name for a wrecking bar.

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