Roberston Screw – coming to an end

The history of the Robertson screw is 105 years long, longer than even the Phillips screw, but it’s days are now seemingly numbered.

A while ago, I posted about Kreg and their new screws (being a combination of a square drive and a Phillips drive), and how much I disliked them – with the advantages of the Robertson screw completely compromised by a new design for the head which has both a Phillips design as well as a square drive.  Where once the Robertson screw would remain firmly on the end of the square drive without falling off, and no real tendency for the driver to ‘cam-out’ of its engagement with the screw, the inclusion of the Philiips head meant the screw would fall off the driver, and cam-out was a common experience.

Had gotten to the point with the Kreg screws that I might as well just use Phillips, or find another supplier.

So at the show, I dropped into Screw-It screws, and although the initial observations looked good when looking at the softwood screws, I was shocked when I saw the hardwood ones.  They are now the same.  Disasterous.  Personally, if you want to use a Phillips drive, buy a Phillips screw.  If you want a Robertson square drive, buy a Robertson screw.  I don’t see why they have to be mixed together, compromising both types.


Had quite a chat with them about it, and they confirmed that these are the only ones that are being made now, and they cannot get them either.  Unless you are prepared to place a special order (minimum quantity around 120000 screws) with the manufacturer.  I can see the future, and it is the softwood ones will go the same way too, and then, unless there is a huge groundswell from the end users complaining about the new heads being rubbish, that’ll be the end of the 105 years of genuine Robertson screw head screws.

Someone please tell me I am wrong 😦

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