Has Stu’s Eco Shed had to revert to Brown Coal?

For some really strange reason, the Federal Government did not have any idea that when they offered Solar Power subsidies of $8000 for people to fit 1kW solar power units to their homes (which can fully pay for a 1kW unit, fully installed) that people would actually take them up on the offer.  The government have suddenly realised that they didn’t actually budget enough for it, and have prematurely ended the subsidy.  They budgeted for a bit over $150 million, and had to pull the pin when it got to $700 million.  Strangely how little warning was given for pulling the pin – hours, not even days.  With the original budget being exceeded by so much, didn’t they notice when 150 mill had become 300 mill, when 300 mill had become 600 mill etc?  Bet that didn’t happen overnight.

I got my application in on the 18th May, but I haven’t been able to contact the company as yet to find out if they actually submitted the application to the government in time to get the grant.  If not, then Stu’s Shed is going to have to continue to rely on the amazingly ecologically friendly brown coal power generation.  With the premature and surprise ceasation of the current rebate, there is no way that we will be able afford (or justify) the additional $4000 – $9000 odd that is expected to cost the household under the new proposed rebate scheme. (I have continued to try to get more info, and it is possible that we are lucky to have the application submitted in time.  Lucky for us, unlucky for all those who thought they had until the end of June.)

Pretty disappointing decision I must say.  Glad I don’t have investments in the solar power industry – bet they are hurting now, given all the panels they would have ordered expecting sales under the old scheme, that will not sell now that the price has been put out of reach of the average income earners, or at least will have to cover the cost of warehousing and loss of interest until those panels do sell under whatever new scheme is rolled out.

Oh well, back to sawdust, and away from politics.

Stu’s Shed goes a little greener

Or is that whiter when the carbon loading gets decreased?

I’m not weighing into the climate change discussion / arguments etc, but an opportunity presented itself, and that may be the end result, if not the justification used.  Australia’s primary power generation fuel is brown coal after all.

Through a government rebate initiative, and $8000 grant for installation of solar power systems, we are installing a 1kW system that is costing $8000.  No, it isn’t a huge amount of power generation, but the systems are typically very expensive, so being able to do it without dipping into our own pocket seems a no-brainer. If it wasn’t for the zero-net-cash aspect of it, we would not have made use of the government grant, nor had any solar system installed so a little is better than nothing.

The average over the year is said to be about 6kW / day.  It will be mounted on the house, and feeding into the house supply, but I like to think that while I’m in the shed, the first 1000W I use are solar (whether that be 1000W of my 2400W tablesaw, or half the dust collector’s power requirements or whatever.  The rest of the time the power being generated won’t get wasted – it will be utilised in the house keeping important things in the fridge cold 🙂

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