Showbag Wrapup

The show must go on, as they say, and the showbags went out hand over fist to anyone who hovered around the stand long enough to be noticed!

In the end, 200 showbags went, which took with it the bulk of ManSpace magazines I had been able to get to give away (4 1/2 boxes)  (and the remainder went as well!), all the Festool mousepads, all the DVDs, flyers, and a lucky few got CarbeeSharps donated to the showbag giveaway by Carbatec.

No idea the specific numbers of people who came to the show (down again on previous years, much to the rending of garments and beating of foreheads that typically accompanies such statistics).  Still, good numbers for visitors to the stand, who got to ask about different tool recommendations, (and a walking tour to where the item in question was being sold), viewing sharpening demos, or dovetail jig demos, or cyclonic dust collection on the Festool.

Quite a bit to process, so more on the show to come.

Great to meet regular readers of the site, and welcome to any and all who have now discovered Stu’s Shed as a result of the show.  Hope you hang around, and you find something of interest!


The Timber and Working with Wood Show (Melbourne) starts tomorrow, and there is a production line in the lounge tonight making up showbags!

Contents include a Festool mousepad from Ideal Tools some disposable glue brushes from Professional Woodworkers Supplies, a copy of ManSpace magazine, and a bunch of flyers of various topics. If I can get any other retailers interested at the show, I’ll try to slip some other bits n pieces in.

Only making about 200, so it is quite an exclusive group that will be able to say they have a Stu’s Shed showbag! (And I’d be surprised if anyone else has a showbag at all!)


Set up the stand today- looking forward to a fun weekend. Hope to see you all there.

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