Constant Evolution

As seen on SSYTC22, there has been yet more moves around the shed, refining layouts.  It is slowly getting there!


One addition can be seen on the back wall – the pirate flag of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society (SSCS), consisting of a shepherd’s crook, Neptune’s Trident, and a skull emblazoned with a dolphin and whale.  The organisation is currently in the Southern Ocean, trying to prevent the killing of whales in the internationally recognised Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary, an area set up by the International Whaling Commission (which was established in 1946) in 1994 to try to allow whale numbers to recover so commercial whaling could again commence in a sustainable manner.

Certain countries blatantly ignore the sanctuary boundaries, and purposefully choose to continue to kill and take around 1000 whales a year from the sanctuary for “scientific research”.  This research seems primarily based around then carving the whales up and selling them for food in their home markets, and producing pet food.  The SSCS believes that due to a complete inaction by any government to prevent illegal killing of whales that they have a legal right to enforce the treaty, and risk their ships, and themselves to do so.

The unique, New Zealand designed and built Earthrace (designed specifically to break the around-the-world record for a powerboat, which it did in just under 61 days, 14 days faster than the previous record) is the latest victim of the fight to protect the whale sanctury (it was donated by, and renamed the Ady Gil), rammed and sunk by the whaling government’s “Security Ship” sent specifically with the whaling fleet to prevent interference to their whaling operations.


Ady Gil Rammed & Sunk

More information, from both sides, and independent commentators can be found here.

Sea Shepherd
The Institute of Cetacean Research
The Guardian Newspaper (UK) (inc video of the collision)

My opinion is probably quite obvious from my earlier comments, and the flag I choose to display in my shed. Sorry if you disagree.

Sea Shepherd

Tool Access

Back to the shed, and away from politics (I really do try to keep politics off this website as a general rule).  The miscellaneous tool wall, providing easy/ready access to all sorts of spanners, pliers, screwdrivers, clamps etc.  The large 24″ adjustable spanner is from my days as a Naval Engineer, and is a real beast, and has proven incredibly valuable when there is a stubborn nut (never had one that has been able to resist that spanner!).  It was originally owned by a Chief Petty Officer in the RNZN whom I served with, and I bought it in an auction held onboard (set up by his widow) of his tools, so it is always a reminder for me of who he was.

The rest have no sentimental value – it is just nice having a decent collection of quality tools.

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