Working on a Different Walko Bench

As useful as the tops that come with the Walko are- laminated bamboo making them water resistant (for about 24 hours), I also want to have a more traditional working surface, complete with a decent wood vice.

I have gotten a second set of table supports, and will be making up a jointed top for one side of the Walko, and plan on mounting a Veritas Twin Screw vice

Veritas Twin Screw Wood Vice

I could make the top large enough to cover both sides of the Walko (tempting), but I also want to make a bit of a metalworking (or general working) side, complete with my 5″ Record vice my Dad gave me years ago.

Record Vice

Adjustable G Clamps

I was having a look through the sales tables at Carbatec, and found a couple of clamps that I had just reviewed for the Hand Clamp article in the next edition of Australian Wood Review.

Needless to say, after reviewing these clamps, I was more than happy to snap these two up!

Adjustable HEAVY Record G Clamps

Adjustable HEAVY Irwin G Clamps

An Irwin G Clamp that has an impressively strong body, and movable jaw.

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