Infinity Re-release

Appears the re-release of the Nova Infinity Quick Change Chuck (that’s a mouthful) is imminent. From the US Nova website, they are advertising the Infinity for Father’s Day (the US version of Father’s Day, June 15 this year), with the pre-orders being fulfilled by July 20.


The initial launch was very unfortunately affected by a small batch having one component incorrectly hardened, which resulted in all the early stock being recalled.  Not sure why it has taken so long for the re-release, but I’m guessing a combination of having new batches produced, testing etc.  It may or may not have resulted in a change in manufacturing firm, which would have resulted in significant retooling etc.  I’d almost guess that didn’t happen – the delay has not been long enough.

The news must be pretty new – even the Nova Infinity website hasn’t been updated yet!

So that is really good news, and we can soon place this little hiccup behind us, and get back to using the most innovative change to lathe workholding since Teknatool invented the self-centering 4 jaw chuck.

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