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To kick off a new “***** of-the-Month” topic, I have been meaning to have a “Publication of-the-Month” segment, and there is a significant amount of products out there worth highlighting (many already in my library!)  this section is called “publication” and not just “book” because I intend to cover magazines, books, DVDs, woodworking plans etc, so didn’t want to have to limit what can be included.

This month, I received a copy of Handmade Furniture Projects by Rafael Nathan at the recent Brisbane Woodworking Show, so that will be our first cab-off-the-ranks!


It is published by AWR, and is part of their series of “The Best of Australian Wood Review”. Written by furniture designer/maker Rafael Nathan, this book contains 23 furniture and woodworking projects, complete with both metric & imperial cutting lists, colour photos and instructions.

Projects in the book include:

bed bow cabinet
cafetable cdtower chest
coffee colonial desk
drawers dresser goldtable
halltable hibachie roundtable
settee sidetables slabtable
trays tsquares tvunit

Each project is comprehensively covered with photos of the final product, an exploded isometric, dimensioned drawing, written decriptions of the steps, and plenty of colour photographs to illustrate the techniques and details as required.

Wonder if I would ever be able to make that bow?  Looks interesting (although I hear that it took a couple of goes to get one that could take the tension 😉 )

Triton Project Plans / Free Project Plans!

The Triton Mk3 Project Book is no longer commercially available, so Triton have released the projects from that book as PDFs. Despite being written for the Mk3, they are still very suitable for WC2000 owners (and are just good projects for non-Triton users as well).

Plus (!) This is the Triton Workcentre Jigs Triton Jig Guide

Triton have also released a number of videos about Triton tools and techniques on YouTube- Triton

(There are also a number of GMC videos available here)

Series 2000 WC Part 1 (Introduction)
Series 2000 WC Part 2 (More applications)
ETA300 Extension Table
BRA200 Bevel Ripping Guide
WCA390 Height Winder Kit (Assembly)
RTA300 Router Table
BJA300 Biscuit Joiner
FJA300 Finger Joiner
TRA001 ½” Router
PRA001 Powered Respirator
TA235CSL Circular Saw
SJA001 Superjaws
SJA200 Superjaws (New)
MSA200 Multi-Stand

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