A couple of major milestones, and really the last two as well.  Looking back at my tracking timetable (1 Nov), the last boxes to complete were:

Power for the shed: done (or will be completed by the day’s end)

Final Building Inspection: done! (just need to send in a copy of the electrical certificate)

The shed is now a legitimate, legal, completed (as far as construction is concerned) structure.  w00t!

There is one item left on the original list – an opening.

Let me get my house in order (and by that I mean the shed), machines and tools moved in, mezzanine area finished (which won’t take much over this weekend), and then we will talk.  It won’t be one of those Facebook free-for-all parties, but I’d like to show my regulars (if interested of course) the place.  I’ll have the SawStop up and running then too, and I do have a spare brake and blade………. and I’m sure a banger could be coerced into jumping into the blade!

Should do it reasonably soon while it is still BBQ weather, and I do have some items I need to find new homes for, including my awesome TS10L 10″ tablesaw, a Router Master, and perhaps even a Jet Midi Lathe.

Report and Consent

It has taken me AGES to piece together enough time to finish the first portion of the permit for the new shed.

Not only drawing up the various plans, but also gathering together the other documents for a complete submission.  Even so, I am not sure if they won’t ask for more!

The first stage of the permit process in my case, is to apply for a Report and Consent, as the shed is going to be closer than 1m to a side boundary.  So tomorrow morning, I will rock up to the City Council, and hope when they see the application there isn’t some glaring omission.

If all goes to plan, that will take up to 3 weeks (15 working days) to be processed.  From there, the process starts again in applying for a building permit.  At least a lot of what is required for the building permit is also in the Report and Consent, so attaching that will take care of the bulk of the requirements.

I’ve been to the council a couple of times already to talk through the process, show preliminary plans etc, gotten the application forms.  I’ve downloaded the plan of subdivision, and gotten some good property boundary plans from the LANDATA database, from which I have drawn up both the plans for the property, but also surrounding properties.  I’ve had to make measurements and draw on these the various buildings.

So the plans that are being submitted look like this:


drawing3There is also a 2 page letter, summarising the plan and covering off the points where I am taking into account the Minister for Planning’s guidelines, the Council General Siting Requirements, and the area’s Character Statement.

If I haven’t dotted all the T’s and crossed all the I’s, I am not sure what else I need to do!

Wish me luck 😉

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