Quick Bits

No, I didn’t win either of the $50 million the other day, so Stu’s Shed is still here, and hasn’t suddenly been gold plated, or suddenly grown to the size of a city block or anything.

I’m most of the way through editing the next video – a look at the Frontline Interlocking Clamp. Will be available tomorrow at the latest.

Just finished making a couple of classic American salads for tomorrow’s July 4th BBQ at work (on July 3, ‘cos I ain’t goin’ to work on a Saturday!) One is a marshmallow salad, and the other is a beetroot, pineapple and lemon jelly salad.

Woodworking coffee cup

A bit off topic, but thought I’d post a pic of my coffee cup, ’cause I think it’s cool (yeah, ok, a bit weird!)


Bit hard to see, but there are a number of large woodworking machines with main components labeled.  Well I like it!

Google is a strange place

Had a bit of a weird moment tonight. I was doing some research for a post, and looking for some images. The first page of results was pretty normal, but the second page……

Every single picture came from……..Stu’s Shed!

To quote Rove, “What The……?”

Great for Stu’s Shed to be quite popular on Google…. makes it a bit trickier for me to use it for research!!

Ever had “one of those days”?

Been having a few of them recently, all in a row.  You have big plans, big ideas, and just can’t seem to drag them over the finish line.

I find when it comes down to it, sometimes it is better to walk away, and come to it fresh another day, than flogging the dead donkey.

I’ve shot a few hours of video, and haven’t really felt like I’m going to get what I want out of it – perhaps my standards and expectations are out-pacing my learning curve for the videos for this site.  I think too, that battling the shed walls that are slowly closing in doesn’t help!

As I said in a post (a little while ago now), time is the greatest tool that a woodworker can have.  The lack of time is therefore the worst enemy.  It causes frustration, cut corners, and an inferior outcome.

Anyway, enough of a vent.

/end rant.

So what would you like to see?

I have a number of ideas for upcoming videos, but they are just my ideas of what might be interesting.

If you have anything that you particularly want to see, or have clarified, just drop in a comment (or email), and we’ll see what we can do.  Doesn’t matter how seemingly basic you think it is – I’m sure if one person is interested enough to say, that there will be others who have the same question / problem!

For example, I have a few (ok, 3) of the old-style Triton Superjaws.  I have found over time that a spring in the mechanism occasionally comes loose which can cause the jaws to jamb.  I have heard that some people have stopped using the jaws as they are now ‘broken’, yet the fix is relatively straightforward, when you see it.

So anyway, ask, and you may receive!

BTW – there is another video coming shortly – I have shot the raw footage, and just need to edit it for release….been another one of those really busy weeks!  I have some time off this coming week, so hopefully that means I might have a chance to shoot (I’m hoping) the raw footage for another 2 or 3 videos.

Modified the comments options

Had some useful feedback that it was very difficult to leave feedback (had to have a WordPress.com account).  Cutting a long story short, it motivated me to do a bit of searching and I found that I could deactivate that requirement.

You still need to enter a name and email address (trying to keep spamming down), but hopefully it will make commenting a bit easier.  I will keep reviewing the situation, and slowly we will fine-tune this to a lean mean blogging machine (yeah, ok, lame).

Another demo and other stories

Been another busy few days, which is rather detrimental for regular blog postings!

I have been working on the next video – thought I’d have it finished by now – hopefully will get a window of opportunity over the weekend to put on the finishing touches.  So if you are desperate to see the sander, hold tight – we are almost there.

If you happen to be in the area, I’m demoing at Mitre 10 Mega at Chelsea Heights tomorrow from 10 – 2.  Once again, will be taking along some of the new powertools.

Completely off topic, but was at the State Library tonight, videoing a public lecture put on by my faculty at the University in preparation for podcasting it.  Doing the podcasts for this site has been really useful for my work, and obviously vise-versa.  I’ve always wanted to have a job playing with video, editing, photography etc, and by strange twists an turns, now I do 🙂

Finally, I’m curious – how do the majority actually view the videos on this site?  Do you watch them directly from the website with the pop-up, download then watch on the computer, download then watch on an mp3 (video) player, or use iTunes to download the show from the associated podcast?

I’m very curious about the new iPod Touch – have one on order, so that’s pretty cool.  Not sure if I should offer a higher quality of video for these new devices, but at this stage I will continue to produce video that works on the widest possible range of devices.

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